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Links are necessary for ranking your content. If on the website, linking of your pages and posts occur then Google will easily find you. Your website structure’s idea can be given to Google if your content is connected to it via internal links. By giving more link value to the most important pages these can create a hierarchy on your website. Your SEO can be boosted if you use a strategy of internal linking that is right for you.

Internal links

Your website’s different pages are connected via links. These links are known as internal links. Your website’s content can be found by the links used by the search engines and your users. For searching the content and navigating through the website, links are used by the users. For navigating your site, links are also used by the search engine. Without links, the page cannot be found by them.

How internal links are different from external links?

External links as well as internal links are present in every website. If you want to establish a connection between your webpage and a different site then you can do this via external links. On the other hand, for creating a connection between the two webpages of the same site you can use internal links.

Importance of links to Google

For various search engines an important factor is internal linking. A content can get high value and importance in relation to the search engine if it gets a large number of links. These can be external links as well as internal links. As the owner of a website, you can control internal linking. The search engine will visit those pages of your website that are most important if you will guide them via internal links.   

How different contents are related to each other?

Google bot helps the search engine in crawling the sites. Usually, the first link is followed by the Google bot when it comes to the website’s homepage. How are the content, posts and pages related to each other? The search engine can easily find out this by following the links. If there are some contents having similar subject then these can be easily found by the search engine with the help of links.

Link value

Different web pages have different link values given by Google. The presence of a large number of backlinks increases the link value of the website’s homepage.

How to set up a strategy for internal linking?

Improving and evaluating the internal linking strategy is very important for the SEO of your website. If you add the right internal links then the search engine can figure out:

You need to consider various things for setting up the strategy of internal linking.

1. Identify your website’s ideal structure – It will be good for you if you consider your site as a pyramid. At its bottom are the pages and posts. Above this are the categories and some sections. Your homepage is on the top.

2. Choose the content which is most important – Identify the content which is most important and is present in your website. You may have specialization in certain products or topics and you will always wish that whenever a user searches for these on the internet then he finds your content.

3. Use contextual links – How will you link several articles written on the same subject? At the post’s end the links can be added.

4. The hierarchical pages need to be linked – Do the linking of child pages with the parent pages if your site has hierarchical pages.

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