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There’s more to SEO than just keywords, Eye catching headings and image files with keywords as part of the image’s filename.  One thing that’s really important that you may not think plays any role in SEO is choosing the right niche for your blog or website to be part of.  Misapplied Niche’s can play a major role in your not having as much success, as you’d be missing your target.  A good example of a Misapplied Niche would be having a blog on Affiliate Marketing and all your content deals with Partnerships, which are two totally different worlds.  There are some similarities, but not enough to really work.

Let’s go over more hot tips to help you nail your SEO with affiliate marketing:

Hosting matters.

You may not think so, but the right hosting does matter.  Do you like waiting for a website to load?  Of course you don’t, no one does.  Do you like minimal options, of course not, no one does.  It doesn’t take too long to determine how a hosting package performs and what it offers.  If in the beginning, you find that you are not happy there, LEAVE!  Don’t get so developed that it would take a huge effort to migrate to another hosting package.  The more developed, the more possible issues in migrations.

Domain Names.

You should be careful in coming up with a domain name for your website.  You want to create a sense of authority on the niche you are operating in.  When someone sees your domain name, there should be no doubt what the website is all about.  For some examples such as Timabeck.com, having domain names that include your name in it makes you personally attached to the business.  You’re banking on the fact that your namesake will eventually be synonymous with the type of business you are doing.  Doman names play an important part in branding for your business.

SEO Plugins.

Why make it hard on yourself, you can find Free SEO plugins in the wordpress repository.  These pluginjs help you with keywords, excerpts, images and more.  They can even audit your post and tell you if improvement is needed.  One of the best plugins available and the one that I use and recommend is SEOPress. 

Mobility Optimization.

With a huge portion of the internet traffic using mobile devices, you need to have your website or blog optimized for them.  If you don’t you’ll be missing out on a huge portion of traffic.  SEOPress can help you with that too.

Avoid Free Content sources.

Free content sources are places that offer you Free content to add to your blog that applies to your niche.  While this may seem like a great idea, beware that it’s not.  Google can tell the difference and your rankings will be penalized.  I learned this the hard way, but you don’t have to.  I used to use a website that had a great deal to offer in free content and it is a very good site (I won’t mention) but Google wants honest, pure and true content derived by it’s bloggers and not the free stuff.  Back in the days that I didn’t understand this, I made use of it now and then when I wanted to what I was already providing.  Now if you don’t care about your rankings, the go for it. 

Now if you need an explanation of what a free content source is.  It’s a business that offers it’s members free content pertaining to their niche that they can post on their blog with some minor requirements such has not to change or remove any hyperlinks in the content.  This is not a scam and is very legitimate, but Google frowns on them.

Effective Calls To Action.

When you have a call to action on your website, it should be obvious to the reader that it is grabbing their attention and motivating them to take action on what is being offered.  If the reader passes it by it could be that they weren’t motivated enough or didn’t take it seriously enough.  You need to make sure that you are making it known that this is what they need and that it will be of value to them.

No Action is an action.

Wow, what did that mean?  No action is an action.  If you choose to do nothing about any of these suggestions or any other items of interest to improve your SEO, then that choice to do nothing in itself is a action to do nothing.  This can be very serious to your performance.  It’s like turning a blind eye to your reality.  Here’s a crude example:  You’re about to leave your house, and you notice that it’s raining and you leave your house anyway without an umbrella and you end up getting wet.  Had you taken action, you would not be wet.  I know that’s crude but it’s the same thing, issues exist, and you are taking no action.  For some of you, this is a “duh moment”. 

Hard work.

Taking action on all things SEO is a constant effort for all your content.  You’re always on this issue or at least you should be.  Every time you create any content, SEO should be part of the process.  At a more basic level, check out our post ====== >  9 Tips For Proper Blog Writing Formats


I just went over 8 tips to help improve your SEO Affiliate Marketing needs.  Like anything, if you don’t take action, then you can’t expect to improve.  If you feel you need more assistance, you do have more available to you.  We have 3 easy steps that you can take to have access to proven methods.  SEO is hard but very necessary to include as part of your efforts.  But why let it be hard when you have proven methods at your disposal.  We have an effective Getting Started page that gets you moving in the right direction.  You can sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter, get access to a step by step beginners guide and have access to FREE stuff for affiliate marketers.  Check out:  https://timabeck.com/getting-started

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