4 SEO Myths Busted! – Affordable SEO | DigitUX Brisbane

There are a LOT of SEO software and tools out there all claiming to provide you with the best SEO keyphrases, results and 1st page rankings. While all this might sound great for just a couple of hundred dollars, most companies come to realise it’s money down the drain.

The sophisticated programming software that’s out there makes a great assistant to an SEO Specialist but should not be used as its own SEO management tool. SEO Specialists will know if the recommendations a software program are making, are worth implementing and they also constantly have their finger on the SEO pulse to implement trends or changes to algorithms.

SEO is a long-term strategy that can yield some very rewarding and profitable long-term results; however, this is very unlikely to happen if you just open your wallet and expect the software to stay up to date and do the rest for you.

Luckily, SEO is also an affordable marketing strategy so it is advisable to pay for an affordable SEO package who will manage your campaign and allow you to continue to perform your job.

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