Your Life After 25: Why Optimizing SEO Can Help Establish a Name for Your Company – Your Life After 25:

SEO is at the heart of a business’s ability to market successfully online. The more on top of SEO a company remains, the easier it will be to make a company’s website, brand and name available to a global audience. The following are a few ways that optimizing SEO can help to establish a company’s name more effectively. Ranking The most obvious advantage that comes with SEO optimization is that it improves a company’s website rankings with major search engines. This makes it easier for individuals online to learn that a company, along with its website, actually exists. For many companies, this is the first step to helping to ensure that their company name is being associated with their company’s web presence in a meaningful way. High Website Rankings Convey Authority Another aspect to superb SEO maintenance is that people tend to expect higher ranking websites to be the most relevant and authoritative when doing a search. They imagine that search engines, like Google, do a lot of preemptive weeding, intending only to serve up those websites that matter to a given set of search parameters the most. The more a company’s website is highly ranked for specific search parameters, the more authority that website and the company name attached to it is assumed to possess by those individuals engaged in performing web-based searches. Longevity To maintain relevance on the web, a company must continue to employ SEO optimizations even during rough times, such as during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. If companies let SEO lapses occur, their website rankings and company name will become lost in obscurity in the sea of countless online destinations. As a consequence, staying up to date with SEO ensures that a company, its website and its name recognition have staying power in the minds of online consumers. Name Expansion SEO helps to establish a company name with more than simple recognition through that company’s own website. By expanding the size of a company’s digital footprint online, through social media and other related linkable site references, this will expand the path through which a company and its name will become known to a broader global audience. It will also help a company’s website and name to come up in more tangential searches by association. A Highly Visible Online Company It is no secret that a company will work hard to be found online. Massive web visibility helps a company’s name to resonate in the minds of consumers which is always good for business. By taking advantage of various SEO strategies, a company can continue to get its name in front of an ever-growing segment of the online marketplace.

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