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Buying a new laptop can be a complex and sometimes confusing experience, and it’s not helped by the hefty amounts of jargon that swirl around the process.

When buying a new laptop you should always look at the specifications to see what kind of hardware the laptop uses, and it’s here that you’ll often see references to dual-core or quad-core processors. But what are they?

Dual-core processors arrived on the scene in 2005, and made a huge impact on computers and laptops. Having a multi-core processor means that computers are able to multitask much better, allowing you to run numerous applications and perform intensive tasks all at the same time.

It’s a bit like having two (or four) processors at once, but without the extra power requirements. That’s why multi-core processors are such a great fit for laptops, as they allow modern laptops to be even more powerful while remaining thin, light and with good battery life.

So, the more cores the processor has, the better it is at multitasking, and the more powerful and faster the laptop will be.

Another specification you’ll see when buying a new laptop or computer is the clock speed of the processor. This is measured in gigahertz (or megahertz for lower-powered or older hardware). Without getting too in-depth and complicated, a processor with a higher clock speed will generally perform better.

However, the faster the clock speed, the more power the processor requires, and the more heat it produces. This means laptops that use processors with faster clock speeds could have shorter battery lives (unless they have bigger batteries, which increases the size of the device), and will need better cooling solutions to keep the processor from overheating (which again can mean a larger laptop, with more fans that produce more noise).

You may also notice that processors with more cores have lower clock speeds. So, what’s better? A high core count or a faster clock speed?

Generally speaking, it depends on what you’re going to use your laptop for. If you’re using it for light use,…

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