Website redesign as SEO factor

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Redizajn sajta ili redizajniranje web stranica je SEO faktor optimizacije web sajta i odlično rešenje za njegov vrhunski izgled i funkcionalnost! Redizajniranje web sajta radimo po vašem zahtevu i podižemo ga na najviši funkcionalno-korisnički nivo!

Website redesign as SEO factor

Website redesign meaning?

Website redesign means reshaping, modernization or improvement of the website.

In other words, website redesign are precisly planned changes that are going to meet new criteria and make the site function on the best possible way.

Website redesign is an important factor of its optimization and position for better status on browsers.

Why is the website redesign so important?

Positive user experience and adapting web designs are an order which requests another way of using the look, elements and content on the website.

If web design of your site isn´t responsive (Responsive Web Design), this is a reason for an urgent redesign.  In this case, website redesign is a big challenge.

FACT: The art of element disposition for the better perception has been made in centuries (ideal element disposition on the web page). Things become complicated when positions have to be adaptive and not fix.

Reason: You have just a couple of seconds to persuade the visitor to stay on your site!

You are probably wondering now: „How should I persuade the visitor that he or she is on a good place?“

First, your visitor should immediately like the look of your web page.

Second, the visitor should clearly see that he is going to find the solution to his problem or the answer to his question.

What do you need to know before your start redesigning your website?

Website redesign and web presentation or redesigning of important web pages should be planned.

You shouldn´t do anything quickly and by someone who doesn´t know anything about your job. Website redesign changes its identity and if you change it too much, it can have a bad result.

In worst case scenario it can cause the decrease of your website visitors or even the  fall of your website on Google.


Loyal and regular visitors of your websites can´t recognize it. They leave it because they think they are on the wrong page while you think that they are leaving the page because they don´t like the new look.


  • Keep some recognizable characteristics such as logo, site characteristic, font, some characteristic detail for your website, some colors on certain places. Inform your visitors on time about new design or website redesign.

Why is website redesign welcome?

You want to welcome the website visitors in your virtual office and to increase the number of visits on site, right?

But, how to persuade visitors that they are really on the right place?

You will know that after answering this 7 questions:

Question 1. What is your website purpose?

Be clear with your goal that should accomplish your website location.


  • Do you want to promote your services or just show your portfolio?
  • Do you intend just to present your products and services?
  • Or you plan the purchases directly from your website?

TIP: When you exactly know what do you want, make a plan.


  • Should people register on the list of your e-mail.
  • You want that the famous bloggers are guests on your web location.
  • You know which functions you want on your web page.

Question 2. If you have website, do you have similar problems?


  • You are not sure which aspects of your brand can make your site noticeable in the niche?
  • You want to redesign your web pages but you have to make sure not to do that only because you don´t like how they look?

TIP: Observe your web pages from the point of view of a new visitor.

We recommend to find the answers to all these questions:

  • Do you have too much different elements, information and functions on your site?
  • Where should you click for the next information that you are looking for?
  • Is it the step you want for your clients to follow?
  • What visual content do you have on the web sites and how interesting is it?
  • Are the information on the site right, systematic and refreshed, and photos optimized?
  • How do you find information and do you have everything you need?
  • Do you think that the buttons for contact and purchase are on the right place?
  • Is the process of landing to your web shop fast and simple?

Do you have ideas what would solve your problems and make the web site experience pleasant?

RECOMMENDATION: You know your company best and if you have any doubts about your web design, do not hesitate to write them down and to arrange your web site with help of your designer.

Question 3. What is the best reason for website redesign?

The best reason for website redesign is its better functionality, isn´t it?

FACT: longer loading time of the pages of your website = less visitors and work.

TIP: If you have SEO mistakes on your site, e.g. typing errors, a lot of different fonts or slowly loading photos – remove them. On this way, you will preserve the accomplished credibility and results of SEO strategy.

Possible solutions:

  • Remove all unnecessary elements, old or unimportant information on your site.
  • Try to educate your clients about your products via your blog or video content.
  • Use Google maps (if you don´t have it already) and add a better description of your physical location.
  • Interview your buyers and find out from them what would they want for you to improve on your site.
  • Go through all steps and sites on your web page. Try to make the whole process easier.

TIP: Indicate web pages that you like and explain why.

Question 4. Is there a look of a web site that you would like to use?

There is no right or wrong. Some of the people are going to stay on your site because of your redesign, some of people aren´t going to like it.

It is important to find out about the desirable website look and functionalities that you want, analyze the site and keep the good and remove the bed staff.

FACT: The more useful information you know before your start your redesign, the better.

Question 5. What creative details do you want to add on your web pages?

A lot of people know that they need website redesign or at least redesign of the important pages and they start, but they don´t exactly know which pages should be redesigned and with what elements.

Some of them haven´t even written the text, they don´t know where do they want to put photos and how many photos are they going to need. However, the knowledge about this is very important and you need to determine all these things before starting web pages redesign.


  • Write down short notes about important elements of every web page and about removing unimportant and needless content.

Question 6. What type of navigation do you want for your site?

  • Are all the pages going to be in main menu on the top of your web page?
  • Do you plan sub-categories with drop-down menu?
  • Do you have web pages for which you want the access from the bottom of the page?
  • Do you want to have also a menu on the top of the page and in the side?
  • How much do you need a search button and where should you put it?


  • Think about design of the goal page and make clear idea about the path of the visitors from your homepage, where should they go and what should they do there.
  • Foresee what questions can the visitors have and how will you answer them.
  • Turn on the inner links for easier access to the explanation and answers to the possible doubts of the visitors.

Question 7. How should you find out, if you actually need website redesign?

Check it by answering these questions:

  • Do you have visits to the site and blog comments or are you displeased with it?
  • Did you do last redesign 2-3 years ago?
  • Do you think that your firm needs a top website or is it unnecessary?

TIP: Conclude something from answers to these questions.

You need urgently website redesign:

  • If your website redesign is older than 2 or 3 years, it is time to do a good redesign.
  • If the people say to you that your site looks antiquate comparing to the competition sites.
  • If you have bad navigation and the user can´t find the needed information or can´t contact you.
  • If you have bad search results, because the site isn´t shown in the right way. (see also: website positioning on Google).

FACT: Redesign brings fresh and modern look and better functionality to your site. That is the reason why the website redesign is seen as SEO optimization of the website.

TIP: Do not ruin your reputation and profit just because the visitors are leaving the site, due to disliking the old design!

PC021: Support for redesign and making a new site

Actually, we offer everything you need for your website and also successful management on the world wide web (internet). PC021 web solutions are at your disposal!

Website redesign price?

Website redesign price (the whole website or some pages) depends on the demanded work. Website redesign is a specific service and extensive work. There is no accounting for taste so it is difficult to foresee how long the work is going to last.

The best way is to see if it is more payable to redesign the existing website or to make the new one. You should have in mind that the website making requests also a good web design. After the assessment and an agreement we can talk about the price of the requested work.


  • Website redesign adds to the modern look and better functionality of your site.
  • Modern look will increase your fame and attendance of your website.
  • You can use website redesign for their adjustment to all types of devices which makes you available for the larger group of your loyal and potential users.
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