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For this week’s Monday Motivation we’re introducing you to Andrea Rainsford of SEO Angel. Andrea was the Winner of the Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Overcoming Adversity Award 2019 and a Finalist in the Woman Who Achieves Phoenix Award 2020.

Name: Andrea Rainsford

Business Name: SEO Angel

Twitter:  @the_SEO_angel

Who inspires you and why?  I am inspired by a whole host of amazingly strong women, including Rachael Field who is a fellow finalist in the Phoenix Award alongside me. She inspires me with her selflessness, care and love for the vulnerable and also assisting people at the end of their lives. I cannot think of a more worthy vocation. I think she is truly wonderful.

What was your first job?  I was a waitress at a local bar to fund my A levels. I love to chat, so I loved it!

What’s your top business tip?  Consistency! Consistently showing up.  Consistency is all we do, work, effort, time, and of course ourselves.

We cannot serve our clients without consistent self care too.

What’s your favourite business book or podcast?  I love listening to Jules White’s podcast and I am a regular subscriber!  https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/live-it-love-it-sell-it/id1390248559

What’s your favourite quote?  “Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” Rumi

and just for fun…

Who would at the top of your guest list for dinner and why?  I would have my Dad and Ian in joint top. Ian’s been my biggest fan and supporter so he has to be at the top! I gained all my strength and determination from Dad so he has to be there too!

What’s your favourite film?  Breakfast at Tiffanys!

Tell us about an embarrassing moment (one you can laugh about now).  I was always in a rush in my corporate life, dashing from one moment to the next.

One day I was sat on the train into work and noticed I had two differently coloured shoes on! I spent the whole day covering my feet under me, the desk, tables, whatever I could find so as not to show my error!

It was funny! Although my employer believed appearance was everything so would not have seen the funny side should I have been discovered!

Look out for next week’s Monday Motivation feature where we’ll introduce another local woman in business role model.

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