TOP 2019 UI And UX Design Trends – Sem Seo 4 You

The landscape of UI and UX design continues to change every day. For instance, 4 years ago there has been an increase in the adoption of disruptive techs such as:

Although technology might have experienced a tremendous transformation, the processes which are used in creating better new user experiences might not have changed as required. However, some people have been able to come up with new technology which has lead to new design solutions.

A few years ago the experts predicted the possibility of having more mobile UI design trends. In 2019, we are getting deeper beyond mobile since context is the number one trend in modern design. Any kind of design revolves around connection and context.

The UX designers must be ready to adapt to every new technological development. Even if you are a seasoned professional or an aspiring designer, you will wish to keep in touch if the things which might be happening in the exciting field of a user experience design.

2019, is the year that we have to focus ahead of what will shape the UI and UX design.


Currently, many people are focusing on the UX writer job which of course is good. The position of a UX writer will ensure that there is a dedicated wordsmith for the designer team. This will enable the designers to design a product which has a consistent and clear content strategy in mind.


It’s the responsibility of UX writers to write a compelling microcopy. These experts will compose any kind of text which appear in the user interface starting from error messages and CTA buttons which form menu titles and fields. However, you should not confuse the UX writer with the marketing copywriter.

UX writers are an important part of the team responsible for designing, as they establish a voice for a particular brand and also conduct user research. Do you know how very big brands start telling their memorable stories? This is where microcopy plays a huge role.

If you research you…

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