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Influence of Gen Z

Every new generation comes with a laundry list of challenges, which is why marketers need to come up with unique business plans aligned with consumer needs. 

Gen Z’s are on another level of technology and culture shift, so here are all the marketing tricks you need to know in order to appeal to these young influencers. 

Generation Z

The Generation Z’s are more than the likes of Tiktokers and Youtubers, in fact, their birth years vary. They are a mix of individuals born after 1995, and according to census they make upto 28.7% of the total US population. Baby Boomers only account for 21.8%, while Millennials about 22%. In fact, the oldest age group of Generation Z is in their mid-late twenties. Shocking isn’t it. And they have a yearly spending power of an estimated $143 billion, which translates to about 40% of global consumers. 

This digital native squad has grown up side by side with the latest technology at hand. A research conducted by the UK’s Office of Communication revealed that an average six-year-old had significantly advanced technological proficiency than someone in their 40s. 

Moreover, the rise in the use of digital resources due to the pandemic. The job market has become very competitive, and having digital skills has become incredibly attractive. 

Their approach to search?

Keeping all that you read above in mind, the way we search has significantly improved to be a valuable source to Gen Z’s. Although they might find direct advertisements totally uncool, they definitely rely on you, Google, or other search engines to find what they’re looking for. Since the first search engine appeared in 1990, a lot longer than the birth of Gen Z’s, they have almost become a habitual routine in their lives. 

It’s no lie that the new generation is hooked on their mobile devices, a fact that organizations such as Google are taking advantage of. Thus, they’ve initiated mobile-first indexing and AMP pages are playing a great role. A global survey indicated that 60% of 15,600 Gen Z-ers said that they wouldn’t prefer re-visiting a website/app that loads slowly. This puts a lot of pressure on brands to adjust their mobile site speed to fit the needs of this demographic in regards to SEO. Having said that, a recent survey showed that Gen Z’s have the highest liking towards long-tail queries. They are well versed that a short-tail query will be broad, and won’t be helpful in producing a narrowed result. 

One thing is for sure: Gen Z’s are the forefront of many industries, and their influence is not to be taken for granted. Thus, you might be trailing behind if you haven’t been brainstorming marketing strategies with their likes in mind. 

It’s time to adapt with the change – Since the power of these digital natives is only growing in numbers.

Influence of Gen Z

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