SEO Tools to Help You Find and Monitor Backlinks

SEO Tools to Help You Find & Monitor Backlinks

The backlinks and the content can positively influence your website in the search engine page results (SEPR). You must provide high-quality content to gain valuable backlinks that are super-important to attract the audience.  No all kinds of backlinks can bring high rank to your domain, so it is also crucial to review your site daily. 

You can find various backlink tracker tools on the internet to monitor and check the backlinks found on your website. Let’s discuss why it’s more important to employ SEO tools to test backlinks’ quality.

Suggested Online Backlink Tools:

Backlink checker by SmallSEOTools:

This Online tool will help you optimize your backlink profile to get higher chances of higher ranks from search engines. It can find and take back your lost backlinks without breaking a sweat.  You are welcome to enter the URL of your competitors in the provided place by this link tracker. This backlink checker will provide all the information which may help you to optimize your link-building performance. You can easily search for trustworthy influencers that will be relevant to your site.


This backlink tracker will provide you accurate and fast details about your backlinks and measure your domain’s strength and give a score from 1 to 100. You can get information about all numbers of backlinks as well as some no-follow backlinks.


This backlink checker will allow you to use all the beneficial tools that can help you to track the backlinks and keywords without any hassle. It offers you to utilize its 14 days free trial version before buying its paid tools. You can use a variety of features to check the standard of backlinks found on your domain.

How to check backlinks with the help of an online backlink analyzer? 

The given steps will assist you effectively:

The major task for you is to choose a perfect backlink tracker tool to provide you an accurate report about backlinks.

  • After deciding the best one, you must enter your site’s specific URL into the given place.
  • You may also paste the copied URL of your competitor’s site.
  • Finally, you will click on “Check my backlinks” and get the report in a matter of seconds.

After getting the final report, you must take some exciting steps to make your website more attractive to your customers. Google will also promote the websites that are providing relevant content to the readers with valid backlinks. Let’s discuss what you should do after having the report by inbound link checker tools.

Disasters Due to Bad Backlinks:

Wrong links can ruin your reputation:

Spam backlinks will hurt your website’s reputation badly, so you must track the links with the assistance of the best backlink analyzer. These tools may inform you instantly when a site will point a link on your webpage.

Low-quality links can indulge you in link-based penalties:

Backlinks are the source to achieve high ranks, but at the same time, there is a possibility to indulge in troubles due to them. Some kinds of backlinks cannot help you boost search engine optimization. Google’s crawlers read out the content thoroughly and point out the spammy backlinks to give a lower rank to your site.

Your domain could get de-indexed:

Your website may be working in linking schemes, building links, or buying links that are poor-quality. All of these errors will get your website de-indexed or land you a penalty.

Negative SEO:

Your competitors may point spammy links on your site to beat you in the marketplace. But you must respond to them as soon as possible before the search engines will take any action against you.

The website backlink checker will help you review your domain thoroughly to purify your content from bad backlinks. These online tools may let you know about the readers’ reviews regardless of whether the comments are positive or negative. Let’s discuss how you can efficiently work with them.

What to do after reviewing the backlink details?

Search engine optimization:

The most profitable thing you must do is to improve the SEO of your domain. Removing lower-quality backlinks from your site will help you to get a higher search ranking.

Lost link recovery:

With the help of powerful backlink tracker tools, you can find all the lost backlinks on your site.

Competitor backlink audit:

Analyzing your competitor’s website may help you improve search and link building performance.

Building relationships:

It is crucial to building beneficial relationships with the people who are linking to your site. It would be great if you found the influencers that will be relevant to your business.

The best option is to use the unique website backlink checker to provide you information about your website’s inbound and incoming links. Let’s discuss some of the quality-committed inbound link checker tools.

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