How Quality Link Building Improves Search Engine Optimization

One of the things you can count on in Search Engine Optimization is that it changes from day-to-day. One thing for sure is that quality link building is a keystone in SEO and Google Ranking.

SEO is a lot like parenting. mastered the current challenge, the next day you wake up to a whole new set of attitudes and new challenges … much like mastering your search engine optimization. One day the key to stellar SEO is creating superior content, the next day is how many external links you can get.

So as a business owner, where should we focus?

Like any best practice, there are certain must-haves when tightening your belt with your search engine optimization, including:

A key element that many business owners and marketers fail to incorporate is the use of inbound I equate inbound links to the likes of a popularity contest. The more links you have on your website from other reputable websites, the more popular it will appear in search engines and therefore, over time, you will get better to hang out with the popular kids at school, right? In the case of SEO it is very similar

The more websites that send you traffic, the better you will look at Google. Ideally, if you can get inbound links from websites that have good content that is regularly updated this will reflect well on you.

Look around you and consider businesses that can complement yours. They may offer goods or services that match what you offer. Check their websites, see if they are updated regularly and have good content. Are you already linking to other websites? If their website seems to be regularly updated with good content, you may find it useful to reach out to these companies and see if you can exchange links.

Another point of view is to “reverse engineer” your competitor’s website, you get links from [like] sites you would also consider. If your competition consistently outperforms you, they must be doing something right. So take a look at who they worked with to get backlinks. You will need software to do this. There are several on the market, each with different prices. Some of the ones to consider include SEMrush, SpyFu, Ahrefs, and Majestic.

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