SEO Agency Pakistan | How SEO can be planned to Rank Higher during COVID19 Pandemic

No doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many businesses to disaster with clients lost and earnings declining to minimum. The Coronavirus pandemic has also brought digital marketers to their knees who never thought seriously of planning their search engine optimization SEO strategies in advance. Whether you are working in quarantine or with a remote team handling clients virtually, things are pretty tricky for everyone in the marketing industry. It is a possibility that your SEO strategies have failed during the pandemic outbreak and now you are left struggling before you come up with effective new SEO strategies to boost your rankings.

With that said, we know that that Coronavirus spread has affected the SEO businesses in more than one ways. Let use explore some of the most effective tactics to enable SEO professionals rethink their content marketing and search engine optimization strategies so that their businesses can again battle the negative impacts of COVID-19.

Considerations for SEO Businesses during COVID-19 Outbreak

First, it is important for us to discuss Coronavirus spread has impact the SEO industry in more than one way. Many industries have felt its effects during the last few months differently. If you are running an SEO business, then chances are you must have seen a surge in the traffic online or seen many changes regarding working from home to bring the results you want for your clients.

In order to become more effective in your SEO techniques and rank your websites higher, you must focus on doing a number of things differently and include the content or strategies that involve COVID-19 as an integral part of your daily campaigns and activities. After all, corona phenomenon is occurring worldwide and there is no way you can get good results for your SEO efforts unless you give importance to Corona-related SEO.

That does not mean that you should only stay relaxed after including some corona related keywords in your ad copies of blogs to get the results you want. You need to provide more value to the customers in order for them to buy your services or SEO tools. Therefore, you should consider the following things before writing the COVID-related content.

The bottom line is, you need to take some really smart steps to tap into increased search volume during the COVID-19 pandemic and what impact COVID-related content have on your services and brand. Therefore, you should take priority to rethink your SEO strategies to promote your brand during COVID-19.

Most Effective Ranking Strategies for SEO Professionals

As discussed earlier, the search behavior of people online is shifting rapidly due to the widespread threat of the pandemic. As an SEO professional or content marketer, you will have to adopt a new SEO strategy to accommodate these COVID-related shifts. This may include targeting the COVID-related keywords, however, this is not the end itself. There are so many other useful things you can do to rank higher by changing your SEO strategy.

For example, you can ask questions in your content related to start of Coronavirus in the world. We all know it started from the provinces of China and quickly made its roots in the US and other continents after Chinese travelled the world in 2020. Here are noteworthy tips you can follow to rank for COVID-19 related questions that can help your customers to get the right information and increase your brand’s online visibility.

1.Research more CoVID-19 Related Keywords#

The best thing you can do to enhance your ranking during the deadly days of COVID-19 is to find and research the COVID-related keywords. You can do that more effectively by using a keywords research tool such as Ahref or SEMRush. You can search for ‘Coronavirus’ in the tools keywords features and write ‘COVID-19’ to get a list of keywords that will help you improve your targeting. The bottom line here is to research and find the right keywords that will help you boost your rankings and are also relevant to your customers.

For example, if you simply target ‘what is Coronavirus’, that may help you find the most relevant keywords related to industry’s best medical sites and healthcare units. However, it would be more worthy to write a full article related to the topic of Coronavirus such as ‘how Coronavirus can affect B2B Businesses in 2020’.

You can write one or many similar articles about Coronavirus and can include your right COVID-19 keywords in those articles. It may be tough for you these days to compete with the highest credibility industry sites, but targeting Coronavirus related terms can help you gain significant advantage.

2.Survey your Audience Thoroughly

If you are not yet clear what questions to rank for, then you can start a survey of your audience and find out what they are searching for or asking for using search engines. That will allow marketers to get a grasp of related topics their customers are interested in. This can also become more engaging if you already have an email following or social media pages. You can ask your audience directly on social media like Integra, Face book, or LinkedIn that what kind of concerns they are worried about. That will give you a peek into what Coronavirus questions people are most interested in learning about and facilitate you in formulating a wise SEO strategy.

There are a number of good topics you can think of in order to ask yourself the right questions such as:

You can get a lot of useful and brilliant ideas from your beloved audience because you have already asking them what they are searching for. This way, you can become more confident that your clients will engage with you better once the consent is published.

3.Create and Dedicate a Web Page or Website for Corona Virus

Coronavirus is the hottest topic for bloggers and content writers these days. If you think that your prospective clients are searching and looking for specific corona-related questions, then it makes good sense to create a separate website, a blog, or a social media page. That page or website should have nothing else but the corona-related content with the right keywords you have researched so far. Believe us when we say this because this could work as a pillar to boost your SEO business in the middle of business crisis.

In doing so, you can target both types of keywords including long-tail and short-tail keywords. You can add contextual internal links as individual pages to start to rank in the search results.

4.Update FAQs on your Websites

FAQs are the best sources for people to answer their questions online. With all the problems people are facing during the pandemic, you should make sure that your website is regularly updated and that includes your Frequently Asked Questions page as well.

If you have a website or blog, then you should definitely update the following information on it:

That gives you an opportunity to review your customer support of FAQs page thoroughly too whether any of this information is also required to be updated in the light of what is going on during COVID days.

5.Publish a Great Deal of Video Content

Video content is the heart and soul of any business’s success. On You Tube, the searches related to Coronavirus and related virus videos have surged incredibly. If you are not taking time off to make some useful videos related to Coronavirus, then you are missing the whole game to boost your ranking during the economic crisis. You should therefore consider publishing the video content on your website, social media pages, and blogs immediately.

What does that prove? More video content will leverage your SEO efforts in addition to keywords related to your video topics. For example if you are running a You Tube channel and creating an awesome video related to Coronavirus to better inform your audiences, then you should include the ‘corona’ keywords in the title and description of the You Tube video.

 Make more videos that target questions users are finding answers for on You Tube and also tell them about your services and products in your videos. You can guide users about anything related to Coronavirus and even how it is impacting your lifestyle or business routine. But he genuine and tell them a story that will motivate them to buy your services.

6.Create More Content Related to Sanitization and Cleaning

For many businesses including e-commerce websites and online sellers, it is vital that they operate virtually to sell care and sanitizing products more to their buyers. It is always therefore worth it to create a whole lot of content related to cleaning hands and care of health. Every single person on the planet is seriously concerned about keeping their hands washed; staying healthy can start from reading more content about “how to clean your hands properly”.

Therefore, if you add this information more to your website that will allow you to capture more search traffic as your customers are able to search for ways to clean certain products and hands.

7.Carefully Monitor SERP Changes

Since the goal of majority of SEO content related to health is to keep the users in loop and provide signals to Google who has the supreme authority to rank your website or blog. Based on the choice of content that you prepare, COVID-19 related questions are likely to get ranked higher on Google. Google is always tweaking its algorithm from time to time to discourage scammers and filter unnecessary information. Your goals are to stay on top of the SEO and content writing game by creating a content that will rank you higher on Google.

Therefore, you should avoid creating a content that will pull you down on the search engine results page. Be aware of any related changes in Google algorithm that affects your SERP because they mean too much for your website rankings.

8.Smartly Create more COVID-19 Related Content

We have discussed the important of creating COVID-related content; now it is time to create a content that ranks well if you follow our advice. However, doing so with care and wisdom is also very important because you need to create COVID content smartly.

You should remain careful; what we mean from that is your customers trust you because of your honesty and loyalty. If you are not creating good content, then it can get buried under millions of videos on You Tube and won’t be on top of SERP.

During COVID-19 pandemic, you should target questions that people are asking smartly to help them receive the valuable information related to health and disease. Write content on “how this virus may impact people’s business” and create content that resonates with their needs.

9.SEO After COVID-19: What to Focus on

In the state of isolation and panic, the world is constantly looking to search new ways to improve their health and save their existing businesses. The situation of COVID-19 is changing every hour which has left many business professionals in awe and shock. SEO professionals should focus on specific things to stay on top of their game. That means they should do the following things smartly that can distinguish them from the crowd.

10.Enhance Search Engine Marketing to gain Cash

Many of the best SEO winners will invest heavily in search engine marketing efforts. The reason for that is SEM can produce them cash no other strategy can do easily. Because cash is king during the economic downtimes, SEO companies who are facing cash flow problems will have a hard time to survive. Therefore, a best marketing strategy to invest in search engine marketing SEM that produces a greater return on investment ROI.

The bottom line is, search engine marketing can help you put your service or brand in front of customers and assist them in making a buying decision. Even if the competitor SEO businesses are going down during the pandemic, you can still grow and move forward by investing comprehensively in search engine marketing.

In addition, people will always search when there is a scarcity of a product. If you won’t invest in search engine marketing, your competitor can grab all the clients looking for your services. Search engine marketing will put you in front of those clients who have a clear mind of purchasing your services. Measure your success in terms of how your SEM can help you reach more clients. With SEM, you can quickly find out if your investments are working for you positively or not. 

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