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It’s time for your products to start moving up within the Handmade at Amazon search results, so I’ve done the challenging work of creating a list of tips for you to implement in your Handmade at Amazon storefront and listings to give your shop every chance to generate more views and sales.

SEO Tips Can Be Discovered

You likely know that I despise “tips” that are not based upon facts, research, or experimentation and generally I rely upon analytics and experiments to discover ways to make your business do better.

H@A SEO Research

How do you reverse engineer the H@A search algorithm?  You study the search like a hawk, you gather data from tons of live searches on a myriad of listings from page 1 to the last page, and you use statistical analysis to discover trends in the data.  When the data shows a statistically significant trend, it is likely a “tip” worth implementing.  If the data shows no trend, you know that a particular variable does not directly impact the search results.

I’ve been busy doing this research so you don’t have to…it looks like a big spreadsheet with thousands of numbers representing page after page of H@A search results and lots of graphs with statistical calculations performed on them.

Do you know the 18 things you should do to improve your chances of moving up in the search?

In the world of statistics, these 18 variables (or H@A SEO tips) mathematically explain 66% of the search result order from live searches.  In the process of identifying these “tips”, I also identified 25 variables that have absolutely zero impact on the Amazon search results.

Knowing what doesn’t impact H@A SEO helps you not waste your time when listing a product, too.

Watch the 4 H@A Search Engine Optimization Videos

In these videos you will learn:

1.  The two types of searches on Amazon and understand how these can help your handmade products be found more easily.

2.  How to interpret the search environment that is unique to your product and the related targeted keyword phrases to guide you wisely through the listing process.

3.  How to look at the Etsy and H@A marketplaces and compare how the differences impact your mindset when tweaking for SEO.

4.  H@A and Etsy have very different underlying philosophies with regard to search.  If you don’t clearly see these differences and let them impact the way you list, you’ll be putting your listings at a serious disadvantage.

5.  There is a list of keywords that are going to help communicate to Amazon’s search algorithm about your products to improve the chances of your products being discovered by the right searching customers.  (FACT:  The “why” behind Amazon’s creation of H@A matters immensely to mastering search!)

6.  Through this mathematical model, we can confidently identify the 3 primary areas of focus within Amazon’s search algorithm for H@A.

7.  The 18 specific variables or tips that make up these 3 primary areas of search focus that can be applied to your storefront and listings to help improve the chances of your products being found.

8.  How to follow a 9 step listing guidelines process for all of your listings.  If you list your products following these guidelines, you can be confident that you are giving your listing a statistically proven search advantage.

9.  You will also learn about the 25 variables or listing or shop variables that just don’t have a statistical relationship (or correlation) when it comes to the Amazon search results.

These are data-driven tips that are unique for H@A

I’ve read all the generic Amazon SEO articles a ton of times – they are important because your handmade product fits into the generic world of Amazon’s “everything search” results.

Your handmade products have some unique opportunities to be discovered within the wide world of Amazon, but you have to know the uniqueness that is H@A to fulfill these search opportunities.

I’m excited to share my findings with you and have zero doubt you will benefit if you implement all 18 of the H@A SEO tips.

Ready to watch these 4 training videos and download the 4 page summary with the step by step listing guideline?

I share my best Amazon tips only with Ama-preneurship Thrive Members.  If you’re an Ama-preneurship Thrive Member, you can find the links and passwords to view the videos along with the download posted in the private Ama-preneurship Thrive Facebook group.  I look forward to working with you soon.  Regards, Jason Malinak CPA of Ama-preneurship and Etsy-preneurship

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