Get Found on Google in as Little as 25 Seconds (Simple SEO Tip)

This is the quickest method I’ve used to get found on Google.

It takes just seconds.

And you’ll want to do this every time you post new content.

I’m going to show you how to get NEW website content to show up on Google search… Very Fast.

And when you see your own results.

You’ll feel like an SEO Ninja!


You just polished off a brand spankin’ new page or blog post for your website.


Your website traffic skyrockets.

And you have to filter through all the leads that come pouring through your website.

Just to weed out who you want to do business with.

…If only it were that easy.

Getting ranked on the first page of Google is not easy.

But the first step – getting indexed and found on Google – IS easy.

After you create a new website, you will want to get your website in front of Google searchers as fast as possible.

You may assume that just getting a look from the search engines is a waiting game…

…that after you create new content for your website or blog you just PUBLISH and HOPE and WAIT.

Till Google finally gets around to indexing your new page,

Under normal circumstances that could take days or weeks.

What if?

New Article Found in 4 Minutes on GoogleThere was a super fast way to short circuit the waiting game.

To get your new web page indexed almost instantly.

If your new page could get found on Google FAST:

Well, there is a way…

Today, I’m going to show you a very simple SEO trick that essentially “plugs” your new web page directly into Google search results.

In as little as 25 seconds.

This method gets your website on Google for free. There’s no cost whatsoever.

Check this out!

We used the exact SEO tip I’m going to share with you for an insurance website.

And their new blog post was almost instantly displayed on Page Two of Google.

For a locally competitive keyword – Tulsa Allstate Agent.

That means eyeballs and traffic for their business.

Works great for local SEO!

Or, when you need national exposure.

You’ll want to use this, whenever you:

…pretty much any time you add new content.

No more waiting.

Submit your page, and Google will (usually) index it immediately.

You can then go to work promoting your page to improve its ranking.

Till you’ve moved up to page ONE of Google.

Okay, let’s get to it!

STEP ZERO – You need a Google Search Console account

Create Google Search Console AccountIf you don’t already have one, head on over to https://www.google.com/webmasters/ and create your account now.

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a toolset you or your webmaster may use to track lots of valuable data related to your website’s keyword rankings, health, security, etc.

If you’re not already using Search Console, you can add your website using these instructions. It tells you exactly how to get your website on Google for the first time.

If your webmaster has already submitted the website to Search Console, ask them to add you as a user or owner of the property.

STEP ONE – Build a great web page with valuable info

If you want to get ranked on the first page of Google…

You MUST create a piece of content worthy of getting ranked on the first page of Google.

Research other pages that already rank in the Top 3 search results.


Make your page BETTER:

Your page should be longer.

Your page should be better designed.

Your page should be more up-to-date (more cutting-edge).

You should include more samples.

You should include links to other resources.

SEO expert, Brian Dean of Backlinko, recommends, “that you beat the existing content on every level: length, design, current information, etc.”

Read about his Skyscraper Technique to really understand what we’re talking about in terms of content quality.

STEP TWO – Submit your new web page URL to Google

NOTE: These instructions are designed to get a single web page instantly indexed by Google. This assumes that Google has already indexed other pages from your site in some fashion.

During this step, you are going to invite google to crawl your site – specifically, your new web page.

Make sure you’re signed in to Search Console.

HINT: When you need quick access to the Google URL submission page, just search the keyword “Submit URL” and you’ll find it in Google.

Copy and paste the full URL for your new web page into the URL field, complete the reCAPTCHA requirement, and finally hit the “Submit Request” button.

That’s it!

Now test it.

Check for yourself by visiting Google and entering a keyword phrase that appears in your post title.

Scroll through a few pages of search results to find your new page.

Will you be ranked on the first page of Google right away?

Probably not.

But. It depends.

If you are trying to rank for a highly competitive keyword, your page will likely display much lower in the search results to begin with.

Maybe 20 pages deep.

But if you are trying to rank for less competitive or more long-tail keywords, you could potentially land on the first page quickly.

TIP: To test your ranking right away, search a long portion of your page title in quotes. Like this: “how to get found on google”

Don’t see your page in 25 seconds? That’s OK!

Keep this in mind…

We don’t force Google to do anything. They update their index at will and according to their complex algorithm.

But by submitting a URL to Google, we are helping them find your new web page quicker.

Don’t worry if your new page takes a few hours to show up. I’ve found that time of day, day of week, and even the urgency of information in your post could impact when they actually display your new page.

The main goal – is to get your page found on Google faster than just leaving it up to chance.

And, it works!

Want to get ranked on Page 1 of Google?

Then, you MUST be willing to do some hard work.

If you want to get your web page to the top of Google, there are a host of other SEO techniques that need to be deployed.

After submitting your URL, you will need to promote your page to get backlinks, shares on social media, optimize CTR, etc. This is good SEO that takes time.

Content promotion is a whole other topic.

We’ll get into all that another day.

But I do have ONE MORE THING…

A BONUS TIP that could add 53% more traffic to your new web page.

Ba-da-boom. Ba-da-BING!

Don’t forget about Bing.com (and Yahoo!).

Did you know the Bing.com search engine index is also used by Yahoo?

Bing is no slouch.

In fact.

According to Statista:

…In October 2016, search engine sites using the Bing index accounted for 34% of all searches in the USA.

That’s A LOT of searches.

Google, by comparison, accounted for 63.6% of all searches during the same time frame:

And Bing also has a handy tool that allows you to submit URLs for new and updated pages on your website.

Here’s what they say about it…

“The (submitted) URLs are immediately evaluated for search indexation, and when quality criteria are met we will begin to surfacing to searchers. Very useful in helping get important content indexed quickly.”

NOTE: I’ve found that indexing may take a bit longer with Bing.com.

But your page still begins showing in searches MUCH, MUCH faster than if you had simply left it to chance.

I won’t go into all the details about how to submit your URL to Bing, because they do a fantastic job of explaining it themselves.

You will also need to verify ownership of your website or ask your webmaster to add you as a user on the account.

Then you can submit new and updated pages directly to their index.

Now You Try It

Someone wants to know what you know. So tell them.

Create a piece of content your visitors will LOVE.

Then, submit your page to Google (and Bing), and see what happens.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE – After publishing this page, we ran our own test

Here’s what happened…

This page was originally posted on December 5, 2016 at 1:24pm.

I then immediately submitted the URL to Google and Bing.

It took about 20 seconds to submit both.

To test if Google had indexed the page yet, I entered the following search term in Google:

“Get Found on Google in as Little as 25 Seconds”

I used an exact search string from the title, so I could find it quickly if it was in the index.

For the first several minutes

I refreshed the page many times to see when this post would display in the search results.

After about 5 minutes, I began checking Bing search results to see if the page was indexed yet.

(I have to admit after 5 minutes of clicking refresh over and over, I got distracted for for a minute or two.)

After 9 minutes had passed…

I checked it again.

And Voilà!

There it was.

This page was found on Google by 1:33pm… just 9 minutes after posting.

But then I discovered something really awesome!

I ran a Google search for my target keyword: “get found on google”

And this page was already ranked number 56…

…out of 313,000,000 results!

See for yourself:

That all happened within 10 minutes of posting

Then, I checked Bing again.

And sure enough. The article was found on Bing as well by 1:36pm… just 12 minutes after posting.

So that’s that.

This simple SEO tactic is one of the many tools we use to help our clients get found on Google, Bing and other places online.

If your website needs a traffic boost…

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