4 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters- SEO Jacksonville

By James Stallworth

12 Feb, 2020

Your website speed and performance have more value today than ever before. Technological advancement comes with higher user expectations and less patience to wait for a slow website. Jacksonville SEO Agency can be of help to your business. Users wait an approximate 3 seconds for a website to load and if it doesn’t, they impatiently leave the site rather than wasting more time on a slow site. Even if they do not run away, a slow site would just leave them disappointed, frustrated, and likely to abandon your site even in the midst of shopping. Customers are looking for the fastest way to purchase what they need online, just your slow website won’t stand in their way. Statistics show that over 47% of consumers expect a page to load within 2 seconds or less. Your site needs to be this fast to keep them coming back. Here Are A Few Ways To Keep Your Website Speed Up To Standard And Earn Big 1. Get a bigger Hosting Plan: This is seen as the easiest way to speed up your website. we often go for the cheap option during our startup periods and signup for shared hosting. However, as our sites growing in usage and content, they get slower. This can be easily handled by upgrading your hosting plan. You can get this done with a local Jacksonville SEO Agency. 2. Optimized Images: As users come to expect higher quality images on websites, image size becomes more of an issue for page speed. Most images can be reduced in size using either graphic-editing tools or plugins without a web user noticing any reduction in quality. This can greatly impact the site load speed. 3. Minimize HTTP Request: A study by Yahoo showed that 80% of the web page’s load time is spent downloading the different parts of the page, like images, stylesheets, and scripts. An HTTP request is made for each one of these elements, so the more on-page components, the longer it takes for the page to render. The first step to minimizing your requests is to figure out how many your site currently makes, to use as a benchmark. If you use Google Chrome, you can use the browser’s Developer Tools to see how many HTTP requests your site makes. Right-click on the page you want to analyze, and click “Inspect,” then click the “Network” tab. (If you don’t see the “Network” tab, you may need to expand the Developer Tools sidebar by dragging the left border to the left.) 4. Compress Your Content: You can compress your content significantly in order to increase your website speed. Popular web servers such as Apache and IIS use the GZIP compression algorithm to do this automatically on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are even compressor services online that remove unnecessary spaces and characters across your HTML and CSS code. 5. Minify JavaScript and CSS: By removing unnecessary line breaks, extra space, and so on, you will speed up parsing, downloading and executing. This simple task can cut bytes of data from your page and every little bit count. 6. Reduce Redirects: Redirects are often useful when pages are moved or deleted. But having too many redirects can create additional HTTP requests which can negatively impact your site speed especially on mobile devices. It is best to keep them low. Google says site owners should completely eliminate them if possible. Getting your page load time up to standard is a tough thing to accomplish but would have a significant impact on your performance. On Fire SEO, SEO Agency Jacksonville can be of help to you. If you need a new site or just want to make your site faster, we’re always there for you.
By James Stallworth

25 Jan, 2020

Are you impressed by your website’s results? How well is your website really working and how can you know whether your website is helping or hindering the progress of your business? All your website needs can be handled by a top Jacksonville SEO agency. A website serves as a 24/7 storefront for your business. A good majority of customers would search online for any service or good they need. No one would want to lose so much clients to a bad website. Having a properly maintained website needs to be top priority for a every business owner. Your business deserves a responsive, easy to navigate, and on-brand to make a lasting impression on the face of your clients. Continue reading and discover why it’s time to revamp your website and start making big again. 1. Is your Website Mobile Friendly? For a mobile-friendly website, you need responsive design, which shrinks websites for smartphone viewing and expands on tablets and desktops. It also allows different elements of the site to be emphasized depending on the viewing experience. 2. Provide Refreshing and New Interface for Potential Clients: Slow and old websites irritate customers. Would you choose a vendor with a site that clearly hasn’t been touched in years or one with a site filled with eye-catching, engaging, up-to-date information and content or template? Everyone is attracted by quality. A pleasing website enhances credibility and increases website traffic. Revamping your website makes it more efficient, and customizing it gives your users a better navigation experience. 3. Your website takes forever to load: It’s tempting to keep adding flashy features and rich media to your website, but this should never be at the expense of the user experience. While a good mix of images, videos, and interactivity is good, don’t go so far that you end up with long loading times. Regular SEO check ups will help to ensure that your media is sized correctly and that nothing is hindering loading times. Remember that you lose visitors for every second it takes for a page to load! Keep it engaging but simple. 4. It your website Compatible with Browser? Browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are periodically updated. As changes are made to browser technology, your website may stop appearing as it originally did, unless you’re vigilant. To ensure your website loads properly across multiple web browsers and on mobile, it’s essential to reassess your website once in a while. 5. No incorporated Social Media Platforms: If your website does not have icons that link to your social media platforms or have the ability to share the content written on your site – then it might discourage users from visiting as it reduces your credibility. On Fire SEO is here to help you cover all your needs for a fast and responsive site. We can create a brand new or revamp your already existing website to rank on all search engines. We are your number one Jacksonville SEO agency.
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