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https://gpuopen.com/learn/amd-gpu-services-an-introduction/ If you have supported Crossfire™ or Eyefinity™ in your previous titles, then you have probably already used our AMD GPU Services (AGS) library.  A lot of new features have been added to AGS recently, so if you have used the library before or not, it might be worth taking a look at the latest version.

GPU knowledge is power!

When initializing the library, you can optionally pass in a struct that returns some useful information about your GPU.  This includes information such as whether your AMD GPU is based on the GCN architecture or not.  This may help you choose which code path or specific features your game uses.  If you want to identify the GPU more specifically, then we also provide the adapter string and the device and revision ids.  Note that the revision id is now just as important as the device id in identifying your GPU! This is because AMD has graphics hardware that share device id but are differentiated by revision id.  For example, the Radeon™ Fury, Radeon Fury X and Radeon Nano all share the same device id of 0x7300 but have different revision ids of 0xCB, 0xC8 and 0xCA respectively.  The full list of device and revision ids can be found here:http://developer.amd.com/resources/hardware-drivers/ati-catalyst-pc-vendor-id-1002-li/Another potentially useful field is the driver version.  If your game requires a minimum driver version, then AGS would be the way to query for that.  Note that this is not the same as the Catalyst Version or Radeon Software Version as those refer to the version of theentiresoftware suite.  The driver version field refers to the DirectX™ parts of the driver and will be of the format Year.Major.Minor.Point, e.g. 16.15.2401.1002 for the 16.5.1 Crimson Hotfix.AGSGPUInfo gpuInfo; if ( agsInit( &agsContext, nullptr, &gpuInfo ) == AGS_SUCCESS ) { printf( “%s, device id: 0x%04X, revision id: 0x%02Xn”, gpuInfo.adapterString ? gpuInfo.adapterString : “unknown GPU”, gpuInfo.deviceId, gpuInfo.revisionId ); printf( “Driver version: %sn”, gpuInfo.driverVersion ); }

Picking sensible graphics defaults made easy

A common problem in PC games development is picking sensible out-of-the-box settings based on the PC specifications.  In the past we have suggested using device ids to determine if you…

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