5 SEO Tips for Farmers – GrazeCart


Many times when we launch a new website, it’s easy to get caught relying on ‘Hope Marketing’ for actually getting results from that website.

Hope marketing is marketing with no strategy. Meaning, you try something new (like building a new website) without any intentional strategy or data behind the decision.

It’s like throwing paint at the wall, hoping a beautiful piece of art will come out of the mess.

That’s how most of us non-tech farmers go about online marketing.

We build a new website, maybe even hire a talented designer, and when they’re finished, we sit at our computer clicking the refresh button over and over.

But, surprisingly sales don’t increase… So you’re left disappointed, and out a few thousand dollars.

Now there are many marketing strategies that do ACTUALLY get results, and in this article, I talk about one that has made a big difference for our farm… SEO!

Believe it or not, on average there are over 300 new websites launched every single hour, so the idea that people will magically stumble across our website, is quite silly.

In the video below, I unveil 5 SEO tips that you MUST know in order to start gaining more web visitors from Google and help your website stand out from the other 300.

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