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Building a website for your company has become an essential for the majority of businesses out there. It doesn’t even need to be an ecommerce site in order to help your business; it just needs to be professional, help with branding, get the messaging out there to potential customers, and of course, capture the attention of people.

In order to achieve all that and more, however, your website needs to rank high when it comes to the search engine results. Everyone knows that once you aren’t on the first page of results, the odds of your company being located drop drastically. So, what happens if your search engine results are hurting, and you’re nowhere near the first page? How can you boost your ranking? Here are three essential tips to use immediately.

Conduct an SEO Audit

The first step is to figure out exactly how your website is performing. Gathering facts will be necessary so that you can formulate an effective plan of action. One of the best ways to do this is to perform a search engine optimisation (SEO) audit. And here’s the thing, an audit shouldn’t be a one-time thing when the website is hurting, rather it should be done on a regular basis so that you are always in control and spotting areas of concern or areas for improvement.

Perth Web Design, a company specialising in SEO Perth, makes it a point to emphasise to all its clients that regular audits are what help to maintain good rankings and overall site health. This is exactly why the company focuses so much of its energy on how a site is performing instead of only how it looks. The company is able to perform an audit on your site that will then assign it a total score, report any errors, will crawl the pages, identify warnings and issues, and more. You can find more details here.

Understand How the Google Ranking Algorithm Works

The next tip is to familiarise yourself on how the Google ranking algorithm works. It’s hard to improve your ranking when you don’t even understand what it is that Google is looking for. And here’s the real kicker, the algorithm isn’t stagnant; in fact, it changes almost on a daily basis. Just when you think you’ve fully understood it, it can change again.

So, just like the audit, this isn’t a one-time exercise, rather it takes constant attention for you to be aware of how the algorithm works and any relevant changes.

Make Sure the Website is Optimised for Mobile Use

The final tip is to make sure that you’ve optimised the website for mobile use. What this means is that the way the site appears and acts on a computer or laptop is exactly the same on a mobile device. Because so many people rely on their mobile phones, you need to cater to that market and give them the smoothest, safest, most reliable experience possible.

A Clear Plan Set Out

By following these three steps, you will start to form a clear path to improving your website’s search engine ranking.

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