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There’s no denying that our society is heavily driven by digital technology today. Most people own a smartphone worldwide, allowing easy access to a whole lot of information on the internet at the touch of a button – SEARCH.

Search engines like Google have seemingly become everyone’s best friend in this modern digital world. With answers to almost everything in life (well except for your secrets), insights by MineWhat.com revealed that 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase. More importantly, online shoppers tend to click on the Top 5 results of the search engine.

In this write up, we’ll share with you 3 crucial SEO strategies that you can grasp to optimize your online business in Singapore.

1. Pick the right keyword and focus on it

The first simple step is to pick a keyword or a phrase that you want to show up on the search result. For example, if you’re selling handbags, a possible keyword you can use is “vintage handbags”. It is crucial to find out what people are actually searching for.

One of the easiest ways is to use a free tool called Google Keyword Planner. This tool will show you an estimate for any search phrases. You will also be able to compare the monthly searches estimation with other related combination of words. Ultimately, you will still need to do a lot of research on the keywords or phrases.

If you’re just a starter and still feel clueless, it’s wiser to engage with a professional SEO Company in Singapore. So you can save yourself from all the tiring research work! An SEO Consultant in Singapore will come up with a solid SEO strategy plan to achieve better SEO rank, increase website traffic, generate more leads and eventually boost sales for your business over time.

2. Constantly update and write the best content

Search engines use “web crawlers” (also known as web spider or Google bots) to “index” a website. It is important for every page of your website to be “indexed” by web crawlers so that it’ll add your website to the search engine database, making it appear on the search results page.

With every content update, the web crawlers will index and re-arrange your website’s ranking. It is also important to note that quality of content is key here. Spamming your page with low quality articles flooded with keywords will only get you penalized.

Here are some great ways to maximize quality and engagement on your page.

• Make it easy to read. Use relevant images and short paragraphs for viewers to read and absorb your content easily. This will also increase viewers time spent on your page.
• Include highly relevant links on your page. Get viewers interested in your website by inserting other relevant internal links that will provide answers they’re looking for.
• Include other mediums. Include videos and infographics to capture reader’s attention and keep them engaged in the content.

3. The Ultimate Key: Get external links!

The ultimate key is to get external links to your website! External links or also known as “backlinks” are links that you post on other websites but gets directed back to your own. Getting a lot of external links to your website is a signal to Google that your site is of high quality resource and worthy of citation. Therefore, websites with higher backlinks are usually ranked higher.

While there are many various SEO strategies that one can go about, the above crucial tips can get you ahead of the competition if you do it right. Need more help with SEO? You can always engage with a professional SEO Consultant in Singapore to achieve the results you want for your business!

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