Edit videos for social media| Full tutorial (free online video editor!)

Learn step by step how to edit videos for social media, using a free online video editor.
Learn how to add text, videos, subtitles and images to your videos for social media in this full tutorial!

On today’s episode I’m going to explain to you how exactly to edit your videos for social media platforms, like FB, LI and IG- so that you’re creating videos that people watch and engage with. I also show you a tutorial of a free software, Kapwing, where you can easily create and edit these videos by yourself.

Here are the three main things that your video needs for social media:

Don’t assume I’m going to click on the play button because the footage looks interesting. Tell me what the video is about by putting the text in a very clear title at the top, so I know exactly why this video is worth my time.

Remember: Facebook estimates that 85% of video on its platform is watched without audio. Most of your audience on social media isn’t watching with sound. So the more information you can give them, the more likely they are to watch your video.

Pattern interrupts are small, unexpected actions that offer an element of surprise. That could be anything from a new camera angle, or adding a picture, text, an animated icon, a joke…something that keeps people watching because you’re keeping their attention engaged by constantly changing things up.

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Edit videos for social media| Full tutorial (free online video editor!)

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