World giant search engine Google is preparing to open offices in Turkey | Business Turkey Today – News, Economy, Politics, Travel

World giant internet search engine Google will open offices in Turkey after the new social media regulation expected to come into force on October was adopted in parliament.

The regulation, which imposes restrictions on the use of social media, was passed in parliament on 29 July with the votes of the AKP and the MHP. The law is scheduled to come into force on October 1.

What does the law bring?

According to the new regulation, a foreign social network provider (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) with more than 1 million daily access from Turkey will appoint at least 1 person as a representative in Turkey.

Network providers that fail to delegate will be fined gradually. Advertising will be banned for those who fail to meet their obligations. Administrative fines will start from TL 10,000 and go up to TL 100 thousand.

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