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The world of digital marketing and SEO is always changing. While in the early days, an SEO team could solely focus on keywords and backlinks (which are still important, of course), Google’s algorithm is constantly improving and becoming more sophisticated. This requires SEO experts to consider a variety of additional factors to keep their pages ranking well. In addition to keywords and high-quality content, you now need to think about factors like image optimization, voice search, and how your site functions on mobile.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another new factor that should be on any SEO team’s radar. Machine learning and AI are becoming more advanced, and whether we see it or not, these technologies are shaping the world around us. RankBrain, Google’s AI system, is one example of how machine learning is revolutionizing the SEO game.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at the relationship between artificial intelligence and online searches. Without a doubt, artificial intelligence stands to make a major impact on almost every aspect of our lives—SEO included. Let’s explore more to see how artificial intelligence will affect the world of SEO.

What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of tools and strategies designed to help your website rank well on search engines like Google or Bing. Your website’s ranking is critically important to help you gain visibility. In the online world, it’s impossible for users to sift through all the available content, which is what search engines were designed to do.

Google and other search engines use advanced algorithms (which are constantly changing) to deliver the best and most relevant content to its users. Whether it’s information, services, or a product, Google aims to point users in the direction of what they’re looking for.

If you want organic traffic coming to your website and business, you’ll need SEO. In the world of online searches, there’s simply no real estate more valuable than page one of Google. In fact, most web users never even look beyond this first page of results. According to a study of over a billion web searches, roughly 25 percent of clicks went to the first organic result. For those looking to reach more potential customers, there’s no comparison to the amount of organic traffic that SEO can offer.

Google And Rank Brain

Google uses an advanced algorithm to rank search results. Assessing hundreds of different signals from each site (things like keywords, content, or backlinks), Google combines all this information to determine the quality and relevance of each website. While Google never reveals complete access to these ranking factors, there are certain signals, such as high-quality content, that are consistently important.

Quickly climbing the ranks of importance in Google’s algorithm is artificial intelligence. Coined RankBrain, Google’s AI system helps the search engine assess and rank countless websites. Since Google processes over three billion searches every single day, this is a lot of work. Using AI and machine learning, RankBrain helps the search engine interpret a user’s search and lead them to the highest-quality content that will satisfy their search query.

AI stands to play such an important role because most of our online searches are vague at best. Just think about the last time you performed a Google search. Did you use a complete sentence? Were there any missing words? How detailed was it? Search engines have the tricky job of interpreting even the briefest of search queries and then sorting through millions of websites to deliver the best content. RankBrain is steadily improving this process.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect SEO

Although the technology is still relatively new, Google has indicated that RankBrain is playing an increasingly large role in its ranking algorithm. Clearly, Google sees the long-term value of AI and machine learning in shaping how search engines operate. But how exactly will artificial intelligence affect SEO? While there’s still a lot to come, here are some ways that AI will potentially change the SEO game:

1. AI gets better with age.

AI and machine learning are all about evolving and improving how a computer system thinks. This means that AI is designed to constantly improve and “learn” from itself and previous data. When utilized properly, AI will continually enhance how search engines function.

2. AI and multimedia content.

Along with artificial intelligence, images, videos, and other multimedia content have become increasingly important for SEO. The simple text won’t do the job anymore as Google is looking for dynamic pages that can deliver information to users through various methods. This means you’ll definitely want to optimize your images and videos to help them rank well through RankBrain.

At its core, RankBrain and other similar AI systems are designed to improve online search. If you simply type in or say “sushi,” this could be interpreted in many different ways. Are you looking for a sushi restaurant nearby? The best sushi in the world? The history of sushi? It’s hard for search engines to interpret these vague searches, but with AI, they’ll be able to learn, adapt, and improve how they assess search queries.

4. Stronger data and analytics.

Good SEO is rooted in data and analytics. AI will allow for even more advanced and specialized data. This will help SEO experts understand how users search and develop even better content and websites.

Conclusion – Will Artificial Intelligence Affect SEO?

When you mention artificial intelligence, some people may immediately think about futuristic robots taking over the world like in Terminator. But in reality, artificial intelligence is an incredibly effective way to improve our digital tools and platforms. AI and machine learning will play important roles in the future, including the ways that we search for information and products online.

SEO can be challenging because there are so many factors to consider when optimizing your page. Backlinks, images, keywords, and of course content must all be considered for the success of any SEO campaign. Now you’ll also need to look into how artificial intelligence will shape online search results.

Working with a top Denver SEO agency can keep you on pace with Google’s algorithm updates and adapt to any future changes. For those who understand the tools and practices of SEO, the future of online search is truly exciting.

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