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Today virtually anyone can launch a website. Every business has one. But, as technology is ever evolving, so should your website. Business owners must keep up with the demands of their clients and make sure information is easily accessible. Today, that means making sure that not only is your desktop lander pristine, but it’s mobile friendly as well.

Having a mobile friendly website means having a website that renders perfectly on traditional computer screens, tablets, smart phones, and mobile phones. Below are some of the reasons you should consider optimizing your website for mobile.

The Numbers

First and foremost, it comes down to the numbers. It’s no secret that smart phones have taken the top spot when searching online. Further, the majority of smart phones nowadays have full web browsing capability. Mobile computers in the palm of our hands is not a trend, it’s a way of life now. Designers must plan for the reality that the majority of site visitors may only view landing pages from a mobile device.


In the past, trust icons did a lot of work for websites to make sure that their users felt like they were on a legitimate site with a reputation. Now trust is a little more nuanced. One study found that over 60% of users are less likely to purchase from a website if they had a bad mobile experience. And those that do complete their purchases will be less likely to return. Trust isn’t about one-time clicks, it’s about customer loyalty.

Search Engines

No one knows for sure what goes into the ever-changing algorithms of various search engines. But one thing we do know is mobile-optimized sites rank higher in search engines. This is because mobile and desktop searches actually produce different results to give you the best options on either platform. So websites with a better mobile experience rank better in mobile searches.

Related Questions

Does the design of my mobile site matter?

Yes. While you may be tempted to keep all the elements found on the desktop version of your website, on the mobile version, think again. To maximize a visitor’s browsing experience, some sections are best hidden on mobile. For example, lengthy paragraphs that look great on a desktop, should be omitted on the mobile version. Users should not scroll to infinity before landing on a call to action.

A study found 57% of users would not recommend a website if it had poor designs on mobile. So you need to take the time to design your mobile site as much as your desktop.

Do I need to worry about load times?

Yes you do. Both for desktop and mobile load times factor in to search engine evaluations and over 50% of users said they would abandon a site if it took longer than 3 seconds to load. There are ways to specifically make sure the load time on your mobile site is up to par, and you should consult an experienced developer for assistance.

Responsive design allows your site visitors to quickly and efficiently navigate your website regardless of the device they choose. This results in satisfied “surfers” and ultimately increased conversions.

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