Why SEO is an Essential Part of Velir’s Process

If you build it, you need them to come. Even a thoughtfully designed website with stunning visuals and intuitive user experience will struggle to succeed if audiences can’t find it. Because findability is critical for a successful website, search engine optimization (SEO) plays an essential part of our process when we create websites for clients. We don’t treat SEO as an afterthought or its own independent service. Our teams combine SEO with digital strategy and development so we can craft websites that are visually appealing, serve your existing audiences effectively, and help new audiences discover your brand.     

Although we bake SEO into our website redesign process to maximize a site’s findability on launch, we also help clients improve organic search traffic to existing sites. For one client, we identified technical SEO improvements and executed on them to provide a 45% increase in keywords they had ranking on the first page of search results. We helped another client increase organic exposure by developing a keyword strategy from qualitative and quantitative data, which guided future content marketing. We also advised a global consulting firm about alternative language content, website redirects, and indexation issues preventing high value pages from showing up in search. Our guidance for this client increased traffic from organic search, the source of 60% percent its total website traffic.

These stories only represent a few of our SEO successes with clients in various industries. Given that our approach to has led to such impactful results for our clients, we wanted to dive deeper into our SEO philosophy and provide more detail about how a Velir SEO partnership could help enhance your brand’s digital presence.

A Digital Gateway to Your Organization

Your website is the digital doorway people use to find your organization and learn all about it. You might not think of it as your highest priority, but if you’re like most, you probably have a goal to increase the number and quality of people passing through this entrance. To do that, you’ll need SEO, and to confirm that your SEO efforts are closely aligned with your business goals, agencies like ours can help you pinpoint blind spots and provide an objective assessment of your website. Our integrated, collaborative approach combines our digital strategy, development, content, and SEO teams to make sure that our decisions are always made with your business goals in mind. This ensures that the SEO solutions we propose to grow your business are at the intersection of practical and intelligent optimization.  

Our SEO Focus at Velir

We focus on several aspects of SEO to create a well-rounded strategy designed to maximize your brand’s growth. By leveraging our front-end and back-end developers, we’re able to target code compliance, crawlability, and numerous other SEO optimizations like structured data that help you achieve your website’s goals. When we determine our SEO recommendations, we’re always balancing optimization with good user experience. We understand that what’s best practice for SEO might not be right for your user experience, and so our team can adjust our strategies and tactics according to your organization’s needs by seasoning your SEO to taste.

To better understand your website and your digital marketing strategy, we perform an SEO assessment and conduct keyword research. These activities help us identify SEO problem areas on your site and the key search terms you want to rank for. Using the information gleaned from both, we provide concrete prioritized recommendations on how to remedy issues and generate a keyword list you can use to develop content that helps you achieve your organizational goals. We can also use keyword research to map keywords to the information architecture (IA) of your website, and to your most important pages to increase your authority on a topic and help you rank better for the terms that are important to you.

Implementation is the natural follow-up to the prioritized SEO recommendations we create for you. As we apply our recommendations to your site, we often collaborate across disciplines with our technologists, strategists, or developers to make sure we’re providing you with the most comprehensive solutions possible. After we make changes, we perform reporting with analytics and webmaster platforms to measure the success of our SEO efforts on your website. Using a test-and-learn approach assisted by SEO tools like Screaming Frog and MOZ, we emulate search crawlers to uncover insights we can use to institute significant, impactful changes on your website.

Deeper SEO Knowledge

Our knowledge extends beyond standard SEO to include how SEO affects the major CMS platforms our clients use. We have extensive experience in Sitecore, AEM, and Drupal that encompasses how SEO can be achieved through development in these common platforms. Our specialized expertise in these platforms allows us to make small changes in them that have a significant impact on your organization’s growth by making SEO easier for your content authors. The process we’ve created for working with these platforms also helps us provide consistency in the solutions we deliver. Staying up to date on Sitecore, AEM, and Drupal allows us identify SEO issues proactively, and to propose a variety of remedies that aren’t just standard SEO fixes. The result is more effective solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

The Benefits of an Integrated Approach

As an integrated digital agency, we offer the advantage of a single team that understands your organization’s business goals and can translate them into digital strategies we can execute to deliver results. By weaving together digital strategy, development, extensive CMS-specific knowledge, and dynamic storytelling we can seamlessly integrate SEO into your website to amplify its visibility to new and existing audiences so you can grow your brand effectively.

The benefits of our integrated approach are tangible in the efficiencies of our processes achieve for clients. By working with our digital strategists, we can ensure that our SEO strategies help you’re your organizational goals. Collaborating with our content team makes sure that they leverage keyword insights to create content that’s engaging, on-brand, and builds brand awareness by generating organic search traffic. Being on website redesign teams with developers integrates SEO from the start instead of adding it in at the end. Helping to provide updates on existing sites, allows us to advise our developers on how to quickly fix errors, to add or update meta data, or to build in structured data to improve a website’s findability in search. Whether we implement the strategy ourselves or hand off recommendations and insights to your team, we ensure a holistic approach to SEO.

Discover more about our SEO expertise by reading our advice for improving your website’s SEO and part two of the series, coding tips for optimizing your website’s SEO.

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