Why Is SEO Considered a Long-Term Process?

As experts in digital marketing, meeting our clients’ expectations is part of our high-quality service. But this sometimes means shedding light on what we can actually do, and what is realistic to expect from a strategy or a service.

Search engine optimisation is often misunderstood and this leads to disappointment, as business owners are eager to see results faster. The first thing to clarify before building an SEO strategy is that it’s a long-term process and constant time and money investment. Marketing strategies are, in general, meant to be a sustained effort.

However, the effort is well worth it as taking the time to invest in SEO can actually help you grow your business.

But, why does Search Engine Optimisation take so much to show results?

Let’s find out the answer!

Why is SEO a Continuous Process?

You might love or hate SEO when you first take contact with it. It sure is both a bliss and a headache for people who have to deal with it. For some weird marketers (like us), it becomes a passion.

What is characteristic of this industry is the constant change. The rules of the game change constantly as businesses and customers change too. The result is having to always adapt your SEO strategy. So, if you have an online business, expect to have SEO embedded in your routine.

Here are the top reasons why SEO is a continuous process.

Search Engines Update Their Algorithms Regularly

Google’s main job is to deliver relevant results for its users. If someone googles “how to cut an onion”, they don’t want to know which store sells onion, they don’t need to buy onions or to learn about the anatomy of an onion. They just need to learn how to cut an onion. This is why Google’s search algorithm is designed to keep irrelevant results out of the SERPs and look for the most valuable pages out there.

  • A well-optimized web page provides:
  • High-quality content, including videos and photos;
  • Good recommendations (backlinks from websites with high authority;)
  • A good user experience, no matter which device is used to browse it;
  • Clear information about the company and how it can help its visitors.

To filter the massive amount of information available today on the internet, search engines have a difficult job of translating the signals they get from a web page and interpreting the behaviours around that page.

Since search engine algorithms keep on evolving, you should, too.

Your Competition Works on Its SEO Strategy as We Speak

Staying focused only on yourself might leave you oblivious to what’s happening in your market. Just as you are keeping up to date with your competitors’ sales strategies, you should also be aware of news from their SEO campaigns.

Your competitors are targeting the same audience as you are. If they have a better SEO strategy, you will lose potential clients in their favour. Depending on the industry you belong to, SEO is more or less of a challenge. Not every website belongs to a narrow niche, and when you have a lot of competition, SEO becomes crucial for becoming visible in the search rankings.

Your Customers Are Changing Their Behaviours

Whether you like it or not, people get bored with the same things. They also change and grow, wanting different things along the way. For example, if your business is targeting students, you will deal with quick generation shifts over the years.

Your client base will change, and its behaviours will be different from what you were used to. You have to be aware of who your target client is, what they want, and what they like. Being relevant to your target will help your pages rank higher.

Your Own Business Is Growing

Thinking ahead is an important quality for a business owner. If you can envision where your business will be in a few years from now, you will be prepared for the growth.

As your business grows, you have more things to worry about, along with better profits. It’s obvious that if your business expands its service area or changes its branding, you have to invest in a marketing team instead of doing it all yourself.

Similarly, a bigger business needs better SEO strategies, more in-depth SEO maintenance, and bigger time and money investments.

Building a Reputation Takes Time

Do you think someone’s solid reputation was built overnight? Instant success doesn’t usually last long, as it’s not based on a long-lasting foundation. It’s the same with your website ranking: Google wants to display the most reputable sources first. Unfortunately, it treats newly created websites as possible spam or untrustworthy sources.

Constantly investing in your SEO strategy and frequently creating awesome content is not just a way to improve your click-through rate. It actually tells both users and search engines that you are a reliable, active source of value.

Meeting the needs of people landing on your cannot be achieved with every single visit you get. But focusing on good results, good performance, and up-to-date SEO tactics is not going to be unnoticed. Google and other search engines prioritise websites with experience, and your peers will also reward you with brand mentions, good reviews, and quality backlinks.

Want Your SEO to be Handled by Experts?

Whether you need assistance at a certain turn point in your SEO strategy, or you want to get SEO completely off your hands, our SEO services are available for businesses small and big from a wide range of industries. We only use white hat SEO strategies in our marketing campaigns, building your way to success one step at a time, one month at a time.

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