Why Authenticity Is So Important for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing success requires a clear strategy. You want to reach us on our phones. Because that’s where we are. And when we’re on our phones, nearly 8 out of 10 of us in the U.S. are using social media multiple times per day . The Internet has virtually devastated the.

These platforms are often a powerful channel for connecting to the people who matter to your organization–and driving authentic engagement. And this is a great advantage for smart marketers. TV budget too rich for you? Run an Instagram story. (See how .)  

Why Social Media Is About Conversations

The problem is no one wants the feeling of being sold something on their Instagram feed. We expect your business has a basic level of familiarity with our interests. 

We’re savvy and understand online ads are often “targeted,” although most of us wouldn’t use that word. And our radar is finely tuned to marketing B.S. 

Is your Twitter feed filled with shameless promotional material? Does it lack any real conversation? It may be because you’re trying to force an old marketing model into a new bottle. 

In the new world, your audience is a tested consumer of advertising. She can smell a hard sell from three clicks away.

The Four Essentials To Social Media Marketing

The people you reach on social media want to know what you stand for. To know how you handle customer complaints. We want to establish a relationship. 

  1. Create a goal. Don’t just run a campaign “just because.” Figure out what you hope to gain from the campaign. And think about how you can measure its success. Is it getting more views on Instagram? More traffic to your site? More leads?
  2. Be authentic. Social media demands that you truly connect with your customers. Be active and be authentic. Just like a real relationship.

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