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SEO best practice is ever-changing, even the experts have a hard time agreeing what’s important and what’s not.  This upcoming year, in 2015, SEO’s will have to face many upcoming challenges stemming from Google’s October 2014 algorithm update.

How can you keep your websites and blogs on page one of the SERP’s? It revolves around one word, content!  

Content is Still King, even in 2015!

We’ve all heard and read this before, but content is king. The most important factor in listing high in the SERPs and being rewarded by Google is producing high quality content.  How do you define high-quality content?  Quality content should be precise and to the point. It should be descriptive and engaging.  If the reader finds the content to be of quality it will link to this content from another source. Once this occurs, score one for the webmaster.  Another factor that determines good content is what I call it’s unique factor. The more unique the better. So put your thinking caps on.

Moreover there are Additional Trends for 2015!


If you use social media for SEO, this off page SEO practice can enhance your SERP efforts by helping you build links.  Using Social Media for SEO can also help you drive traffic to your website.


Use a title tag that matches page content, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRICK THE SERPS. It is recommended that the length of title should not exceed 65-70 characters.  When it comes to using Meta description, don’t attempt to game the Search Engine, just write short and precise copy that aligns with the page title. Remember this is visible to users, so make sure it makes sense and make sure it is using keywords that are relevant to the page and user search.


Gone are the days of content stuffing. Using keywords in concert is a fine art. How is this accomplished? First you research keywords based off your website page. From there, you set your title tag and page url. Next, you make sure your H1 tag aligns with your page title and page url. Once you have those on-page SEO factors in sync you generate your on-page copy. Your on-page copy should align with the page title and H1 tag. Make sure you add important keywords within the copy to strengthen the SEO weighing factor. Done! Now repeat on mass scale. 


What are Latent Semantic Indexing keywords or LSI keywords?

“Latent semantic indexing adds an important step to the document indexing process. In addition to recording which keywords a document contains, the method examines the document collection as a whole, to see which other documents contain some of those same words.”

In short the indexing process is categorizing document collections, documents that are alike, and documents that are not alike.  What does this mean for people using keywords in content? It limits keyword stuffing and looks at collections of keywords.

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