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What is White Label SEO and How Does it Work?

There’s a term thrown around a lot in the business world called “white labeling”. It can apply to everything from branding to marketing to manufacturing. The first time I heard it, this was an entirely new concept for me. It made sense, but I didn’t know that it was so prevalent in business.

White label means that whoever makes a product, whether that’s a manufacturer, or in this case an SEO provider, uses the branding of the person who is making the purchase instead of it’s own branding and name. In this example, think of cereal. You have the brand name stuff we all know and love like Honey Nut Cheerios and Captain Crunch. But there’s often a store branded cereal option as well. And guess what, they come from the same place. One box has been ‘white labeled’ with the store’s brand instead of the manufacturer’s name. You see this with over the counter drugs too like the “Equate” brand at Walmart and the “Advil” brand as well. 

White labeling is extremely common in business and you probably didn’t even realize what it was called. It’s so common because it works. And we’re here to tell you all about it and why it matters.

The Great White Label Way

White label marketing is an entirely different animal. And at Boostability, we know how to do it very well. It’s what we built our entire product and software around. We have built the largest network of small business SEO over the past decade. A lot of that is due to our white label products designed specifically for the partner reseller.

So how does white label SEO work? Boostability specializes in SEO and website services. We recognize that we have a very unique fulfillment model that allows us to take on thousands and thousands of clients.  This provides the same level of high-quality SEO service for all of them and it’s all done through our white labeled product. 

We know the value of SEO for small businesses. As do all of our partners. That’s why they sign up with us. They know that SEO is an incredibly high-value product for their customers and small businesses everywhere around the world. SEO gets them found in an era where we no longer walk down the street to find what we need. We go online. So not only does SEO provide this value, it also becomes a very desirable product to offer. But it takes a lot of know-how in order to do it properly and offer it in house.

Enter a white label product. Boostability provides the expert know-how to do SEO well and in a way that lets us support a high client count. That means we can handle all of the clients that an agency or partner would bring in. Plus, white label SEO means that we provide this expertise as a member of their own team without using the Boostability brand name. 

What Do White Label Partners Get?

White label SEO means a partner can build their branding as SEO experts and providers for their small business clients, while we do the hard work. BUT that doesn’t mean we’re just the workhorse. We work closely with all of our partners to make sure they understand their client campaigns. It means we provide for these needs as though we were a member of their own team. White label SEO means a partner can establish themselves as the SEO authority and back it up with hard work and success for the clients. 

Bottomline, white label SEO is taking the expert Boostability SEO product and using it as your own product. And we’ve perfected the product for our partners who want to add a valuable product, with a high revenue return, that can help their small business customers succeed in their online presence and business strategy. 

Why the System Works

Whether you’re talking marketing or other manufactured products, white label is designed to benefit the end user. It means the provider can have a wide reach for their product with a large network, and resellers can expand and improve their product lineup without having to start from square one. 

We’ve heard that it may feel weird for someone to “resell” SEO. Or that they’re “outsourcing”. And yes that may be true, but you have to realize how common the practice actually is. Using white labeled SEO to sell to your clients means you have all the weight of their expertise to help show your clients that you can meet their business goals. To keep costs down and increase efficiency, many partners or agencies turn to white label SEO vendors to help provide this service.

White Labeling works because it means you can provide a high quality product at cost, at scale, while not having to worry about the actual work that goes into it. And you can be assured that all of your customers are taken care of.

Still unsure? Check out our Boostability Partner Program and learn more about how White Label SEO can benefit your business and your clients.

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