What is the Off-page SEO Checklist in 2020? – adopt10plus

Off-page SEO is one of the crucial things that need to be implemented correctly. So Google understands the credibility of your website in the form of getting backlinks through other relevant websites. If not done correctly, Google may penalise in terms of decrease in your website rankings and thus more suspicious activity may affect your website on Google’s SERP.

Here are some ways to let you understand the process of Off-page activities with respect to SEO in 2020:

– Social bookmarking

– Blog Social bookmarking

– Article submission

– Press release submission

– Search engine submission

– Profile creation

I hope the above things are cleared and if you want more knowledge about SEO for your website then do check out the SEO Agency in Mumbai and get the insights of your website with their best services being offered to you.

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