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Businesses all over the world use various SEO techniques to improve their ranking online. SEO professionals use many tricks to aid this process, and one of those tricks is using latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords. This technique remains highly underutilized in the SEO domain despite it being quite effective.

What are LSI Keywords?

Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI, keywords are terms that are, by definition, related to the main keyword you are using. However, these are not synonyms, which is a common misconception amongst many people. LSI keywords are coupled together with focus keywords in the content as they have the same context, although not the same meaning. This helps enhance the context of the content in your Web page for search engines.

How Can We Find LSI Keywords?

Use LSI Graph Tool

Businesses can use the LSI Graph tool to identify a plethora of search terms related to their main keywords. The tool is designed to search the Internet for related terms that have the most search volumes. This helps you identify the LSI keywords to use in your content.

A word of caution: you might be tempted to use as many LSI keywords indicated by the LSI Graph tool as possible.  This can lead to keyword stuffing; therefore, limit the amount of keywords and keep some in reserve for developing related content.

Use Google Keyword Planner

Another convenient and effective way to find LSI keywords is using Google Keyword Planner. It generates results that present several keywords for related search terms, including search queries, phrases, and words. Using this tool is quite easy as well. You just need to enter your target or focus keywords and check out which terms among the results show the highest search volumes and which keywords have low competition. The latter part can be used to develop solid LSI strategies for your SEO, which can help you create compelling content to generate the most traffic for your website.

Check Related searches

A good place to begin learning to find LSI keywords is Google’s SERPs. You can check the “People also looked for” and the “Related Searches” part of any SERP. Here, you can find all of the different search terms related to your main keyword that other users are searching. You can take this a step further by also focusing on the phrases that come up on the Google search bar when you type in your main keywords. This approach might sound mechanical, but it can help you in finding the most healthy LSI in SEO for your website.

Benefits of LSI Keywords

Helps improve ranking 

The main purpose of any SEO strategy is to organically increase website traffic and ranking. Search engine algorithms, when indexing a Web page, consider many factors for ranking. LSI keywords can help your website have a much better impact on these algorithms. For instance, if your main keyword is “Apple” and you have content related to Apple devices, then LSI keywords like “iPad”, “iPhone”, “Macbook”, and so on, can help search engine crawlers in correctly identifying the intent of your Web page, and ranking it higher for searches related to Apple devices. The search engine rankings for your Web page are sure to increase for any semantically related terms, regardless of what your main keyword is.

Provide better search experience for users

As mentioned above, LSI keywords help search engines to identify the intent of your Web page. This makes it easier for users to access Web pages that have content relevant to their search term. Relevant content helps organically increase the number of visitors to your website. These users might end up sharing the content thus improving the credibility of your website. Suchn user engagement will set the content on your website apart from the generic content in the same domain, which occupies a major chunk of the Web. Good user experience will automatically garner greater attention and improve the popularity of your website.

Improve browsing time

A user visiting a Web page or a website and finding exactly the type of content they were looking for is bound to make them stay on the page longer. Better targeted and formulated content using LSI keywords means that the users will be spending more time on your website. It also increases the chances of the users opening other links on your page, which can help in increasing the organic traffic to other internal pages on your website. Keeping your visitors glued to the screen and engaged with your website becomes possible by smartly incorporating LSI keywords and ensuring that the content remains friendly and conversational in tone. 

While Latent Semantics Indexing (LSI) is relatively unknown to businesses, it is valuable for increasing website rankings. Hence, to fully realize the potential of LSI keywords, businesses can hire a professional SEO company like Infidigit. With its vast experience in the SEO domain, Infidigit can help you find the best LSI keywords for your content. We can also help you develop the most effective SEO strategies for your business.

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