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How do website builder platforms do their SEO? When it comes to website visibility on Google and other search engines, is it possible to create posts with good SEO practices? Weebly SEO is worth investigating. 

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A (Very) Brief Weebly Tutorial

Weebly is a popular web builder that’s been around since 2006. Weebly began as a scrappy upstart designed to help business owners (and anyone else, for that matter) build an online presence quickly.

Further, Weebly offers free and low-cost web hosting options. Plus, Weebly features no-brainer, intuitive website templates that let you create your brand with relative ease and no code-writing experience.

It’s super simple to move and exchange design elements, drag photos, or upload content onto a Weebly website. You can create a professional-looking site with surprisingly little time and effort if you have even a smidgeon marketing or graphic design experience.

The “dark side” of DIY sites is that until recently, they’ve lacked the visibility and search rank of their professionally built counterparts. Also, at the outset of DIY platforms like Weebly, integrated features like calendars, payment buttons, or online store builders may have been clunky, slow, or frustratingly difficult to assemble.

User feedback and continual innovation have allowed Weebly to rev up their subscriber usability and offer more features that make sense for businesses that require more than just a convenient place to display cat photos.

Why Does it Seem Like Weebly’s SEO Performance Isn’t Great?Weebly SEO for small businesses

Because anyone can build a website on Weebly. The answer to Weebly’s seemingly poor SEO performance is often due to user ignorance. (To be blunt. We’re sorry, but it’s true.)

Now, let us soften that last blow with a few details. Here are some fundamental elements of effective SEO that the newbie website builder may fail to do, simply because of inexperience.

The Weebly SEO Features You Must See and Do

So, now to how Weebly helps its subscribers rank higher in searches. Be sure to do the following when you launch the website you’ve created:

Overwhelmed by DIY? Contact the DFY Experts at Romain BergThree young designers use Weebly SEO for small businesses

We get it. It makes sense at first to do as much of your business yourself as possible. The best owners know the value of a dollar and their time. However, if you’ve grown, scaled up, or simply know you want more out of your website and SEO, Romain Berg has your medicine.

Not only do we build exceptional websites from the ground up, but we can also help your DIY website move out of the incubator and into the world of high search rank, impressive traffic and conversion rates, and, ultimately, more revenue.

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