Vlog Episode #71: Eli Schwartz – Getting Hit By Google Panda & Enterprise SEO

Eli Schwartz is a growth and SEO advisor and helps companies on SEO strategy. I had to ask about the title, and he said in the Bay Area people call marketing, growth and no one wants a consultant, they want someone to give advise. We talked a bit about his history in the space and how things were a bit easier in the early days.

Eli remembers the day when Google dropped Panda and how it had such a big impact on the company he was working at, High Gear Media, as well as many other companies. He said the company he was working at lost about 70% to 90% of the traffic but then made tons and tons of changes and he was able to get the traffic up by 125%.

He then moved to SurveyMonkey, when the company was 12 years old with about 100 or so employees. SurveyMonkey didn’t do any SEO before he got there, so he had a lot of places to make improvements. He shared some examples, one with the White House. He then left SurveyMonkey after they IPOed to do his own thing.

One of Eli’s specialties is enterprise SEO; which he said it really about coaching a lot of people in these big enterprises. So you need to speak their language so you can get things done in that company. He said enterprise SEO is more of a therapeutic thing versus a tactical thing.

Eli Schwartz is very active on LinkedIn and he also has elischwartz.co.

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