Video Marketing Tips For Business

Video marketing

Benefits of video in marketing

Videos conveyed your message much more flexibly than the written word and makes you be seen as the go-to expert in your area or your niche. That is why video marketing is so effective. Did you know that video gets so much more traction and gets your message across in a much more flexible way than just the written word? There’s much more engagement with people using video for marketing and video consumption is going through the roof. That is why I use video marketing to help my clients get their businesses found online which means they can demonstrate their expertise and be seen as the go-to authority in their area or their niche which means they get new clients knocking on their door and not their competitors.

The importance of benefits of video in marketing

Videos are not just about marketing

Video isn’t only about selling and marketing. There’s so much more that video can do for you. You can use video to educate not just future customers but current customers as to your products. You can use video to train. You can scale your business by training and if you’re using video you know your message isn’t being diluted if your training is on point.

Your video can be used very effectively to boost your SEO, your search engine optimisation, the thing that gets your website found online. Video is a key performer on that score. My personal favorites is you can use video to create a fantastic testimonial but not just for your business but you can give video testimonials to other people. They will love it if you create a video that you can then post onto YouTube or Facebook or LinkedIn or anywhere. If you can then tag who it is you’re saying thank you for and do the test events for they will absolutely love you. And what a great thing for people to see though when they look for your business online and they see someone explaining how great you are. That’s got to be good right? I wanted to just spend a few moments leaving a testimonial for a really good guy called Nick. Nick wood a few weeks ago is privileged to spend some time at Nick’s offices down in Farnborough where myself and some people have been doing a lot of work. We decided to go and have a day with Nick shooting some video. Nick’s professionalism and his ability to relate to what you’re looking for, how you want to achieve it and patience as well all these virtues where very helpful. When it comes to shooting video, creating content especially in the digital space that we are in these days is all vitally important. So thank you very much Nikki it was a fabulous day and I look forward to being down there with you again. So how can I help you get started with video?

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