Digital and Social Media Marketing experts converge on Sofia

It is a few days to the first ever Joint European Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing (JEMSS) conference and the excitement is palpable! It can be likened to that which is felt when a child is born!

On September 14, 2016, a diverse group of people from within and outside Bulgaria will converge on the Grand Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria, to discuss Digital and Social Media Marketing. Their #passion4digital will shine through, and light up the streets of Sofia!

Participants will brainstorm on Digital Marketing, Search and Social Media Marketing with emphasis on the JEMSS Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and the contemporary Digital Marketing book, compiled by experts in the industry.

This conference is the high point of the dissemination process of the JEMSS project funded by the EU.

For a sneak peek into the juicy bits of the conference, here is a brief biography of the speakers:

Dr Aleksej Heinze

 Aleksej is one of the lead partners and Project Manager of JEMSS. He brings to the conference a wealth of knowledge and experience in the key aspects of Digital and Social Media Marketing.

His presentation centers on the JEMSS graduate programme drafting, and results of the study. It details the story so far, where it is headed and how it will impact on businesses and individuals globally.

Aleksej is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Salford and a Co-Director of the Center for Digital Business – Salford Business School.

He has also participated in many other national and international digital projects including Passport to Trade 2.0 – a project developing business culture guides, and Social Media Etiquette, in 31 European countries.

Olga Andrienko

Olga is the Head of Social Media at SEMrush and specialises in conversion and relationship marketing. She has increased SEMrush’s social engagement by 400% in one year together with her team.

Olga’s presentation on the ‘Use of social media in your marketing mix: stories of success’ delves into the nitty-gritty of social media usage in a marketing campaign and explains how to optimise Social Media to enhance conversions.

This topic would keep you glued to your seat, so, it’s not to be missed!

 Hristo Hristov

Hristo’s presentation on “How Digital Marketing content changes” delves into the dynamic nature of digital and how to keep up with trends.

It also details the use of content to enhance online presence, visibility and marketing.

In addition, Hristo would talk about how a brand can be improved with creativity.

Hristo is the CEO of Netinfo and Chairman of IAB Bulgaria.

He also has several small start-ups including a news analytics platform and a product catalogue site.

Hristo holds a Masters in Law from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and is currently a lecturer on digital media at New Bulgarian University.

Global touch

All the panelists and discussants come from across Europe and will share their wealth of experience @JEMSSEU conference.

Furthermore, the conference provides participants the opportunity to network with other professionals and build lifelong friendships and partnerships.

The maiden edition of the JEMSS Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria also promises to be a mix of fun and learning.

Join the Digital Marketing experts!

The clock is ticking, September 14 is just a few nights away and the excitement is mounting. Join the digital marketing experts in Sofia by registering and confirming your attendance.

Meanwhile, visit our website to get the latest updates on the conference and the JEMSS project.

And join the #passion4digital community- Twitter, Facebook and tell us why you would attend the JEMSS conference. We would love to hear your stories!

See you in Bulgaria!

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