Using Digital Marketing to Reach Mobile Users

Every online marketer is aware of the fact that mobile Internet users make a considerable portion of the total audience and potential customer base. In Malaysia alone, there were approximately 19.06 million of phone Internet users in 2017 and it has been projected to increase exponentially over the course of the coming several years. In fact, Statista has projected that the number would grow to over 21 million in 2021. Internet marketers therefore need to adapt to the paradigm by implementing at least the following strategies.

Mobile-friendly websites

More than 86% of all Internet users in the country go online by using their mobile devices. It is safe to conclude that transforming your website from desktop-based version to mobile-optimized one is an indispensable part in your digital marketing strategy. While it does not mean that the desktop version of the website is inaccessible from smartphones, the overall layout will not be as user-friendly as its mobile-optimized counterpart.

Social Media Ads

Nearly all Internet users in Malaysia have social media accounts. Building a strong network and brand awareness in popular social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can only boost and strengthen your online presence among mobile users. Remember that social media advertising campaigns especially in mobile apps and sites require different strategic approach for better efficiency, more conversion, and finally higher profitability.

Emphasize on Local Searches

Another thing to consider is to understand how mobile search works. Every smartphone user tends to search for goods and services based on geographic properties, in other words, locality. This is where the old-fashioned SEO method on desktop websites that focuses solely on keywords can fail, because using only keywords without geographical properties potentially negates the purpose of local searches.

The world is going mobile, in a big way. Reluctance to embrace mobile-oriented digital marketing strategies means you’ll be left out in the competition. Abandon your hesitations and work with imarketing.my to implement the best mobile-based marketing strategies personalized for your specific needs.

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