Understanding SEO for small business!

Have a start up or a small business? Or are you considering to open one? Or you have a relatively old business but intend to go live now? Well, this post is for everyone who are trying to make their business’s presence known on the online world. It really doesn’t matter if your business has a catering side, or are you or decorating website or a wedding planner, as long as you do provide some service or goods, you have to pay attention to promoting the same and growing it. And online presence is of utmost important for the same!

The important statistics!

By online presence of your website we don’t mean that you have an active Instagram or Facebook account, but you should have a relevant website for people to return to. Without this, your business as well doesn’t exist for everybody. (Compare a hawker going to door to door to customers and a showroom where people visit) Similarly, your business website is that showroom you are offering your customers. If we believe the studies, around 64% small businesses have a website today and almost 70-80% of people search for a business or a company online through its website. So, you understand how important is an active website for your business? Now if you don’t have a website, we you suggest and highly recommend you to design and create one instantly.

The first lesson of the day is to create an awesome user friendly website immediately.

The essential parts of SEO!

You definitely want me to explain you what exactly is SEO! SEO means search engine optimisation which is actually the strategy through which you appear of the first pages of Google and hence get maximum attention from your customers and clients. To explain it in brief — Just how many times do you turn to the second page of Google when you search for anything? Well, it is almost rare. So,that is how search engine optimisation works.

Your clients or readers search for a ‘specific keyword’ which lead them towards your website. But if your SEO content isn’t that compatible, your website doesn’t appear on the first, second or maybe 20th page of Google. So you can imagine how less interactive your businesses is for your clients. On the contrary, the people who are constantly concentrating on their SEO and content and uplifting their website to the various strategies of search engine optimisation, they get their businesses listed on the top pages of Google and ultimately they get what they require.

So the second lesson of the day is to opt for SEO strategy for your website.

1) How to excel in SEO for your small business!

We understand finances in small businesses are quite low. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t invest some in planning your search engine optimisation strategy. Once you create your own website, even you can yourself plan great content and matter for your website. And if later when you can afford, you can go for professional SEO planning for your business. But in case if you want to know what do you require to create a SEO friendly website, then move on.

2) Check if your website is user friendly

By user friendly website we don’t mean only the websites that opens fast and work rapidly on computers, but your website should be active on mobile as well. Almost 80% of your customers and clients check your business on mobile phones. So, when you design your website, ensure that it is a mobile friendly one so that everyone can access it easily.

3) Pick relevant keywords wisely

Keywords are basically the phrases or words that people search on Google. Like, if you are searching for a hair salon, you will type hair salon services around me, etcetera. That is the keyword. So when you have a beauty salon, your keywords would be related to beauty products or beauty and ensure that these type of keywords are more infused in your content. We specially used the word infused so that you don’t force them within your content and make it look irrelevant.

4) Create exciting content

Do you know Google pays a lot of attention in the content of your website. If your articles written in the blog section or your photographs are really great, automatically your ranks would get uplifted. And nice content depends on choosing exciting topics for your articles or product description, including lots of amazing photographs and creating shorter but crisp matter that conveys the message in a precise way. This helps in keeping your customers attracted to your website.

5)Ensure the navigation links are working fine

Navigation links are very important as they divert your customers and readers to the specific area in your website. They don’t have to search much for the matter that they are looking for in your website can easily access the same. This automatically increases your visitors rate to your website.

6)Opt for local SEO strategy

As soon as you create a website, remember to list it on Google. This would help you get lot of local search results. Like, when your customer searches for beauty salon, and type a location around, this one automatically gets redirected to your website. This actually works better than you think. For example, if you are searching for a restaurant Mumbai, you just type good restaurant Mumbai and lots of restaurants come up. So if you’re listing your business on Google, even your name springs up when such a location based keyword is searched for.

These are the essentials of search engine optimization and are extremely necessary if you want your website to come up on the ranks. Apart from it, don’t ever neglect your social media channels and accounts and keep staying active on them as well. An active website and a great social media channel equals lots of brand exposure.

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