Trick to add Multiple Focus Keywords in Yoast SEO FREE

Hi, welcome to my blog, today I will tell you how you can add multiple focus keywords in SEO by Yoast FREE version.

Keeping the blog and blog posts SEO friendly is the first priority of any bloggers, so to keep it SEO optimized they use plugins like SEO by Yoast.

Most of the bloggers use Yoast for their blog SEO, some upgrade to the premium version and some use the free version. If you are that user who’s using the free version of the Yoast then this tutorial will help you the most.

Note: This tutorial is applicable to the Yoast SEO free version only

How to add multiple focus Keywords in Yoast SEO FREE?

SEO by Yoast makes your task easier to use focus keywords while writing a blog post.

Follow the following steps in optimising your blog post focus keywords using Yoast SEO. You can thank me later if it works for you… let’s continue

Step #1: Enable the Yoast SEO

Go to the top of your visual editor page, where you can see a “Screen Option“, expand it and enable the Yoast SEO (check the box of Yoast SEO.) (See the screenshot below)

After expanding

Now in the bottom of you WordPress visual editor you can see the Yoast SEO section, where you can add or modify things like page title, permalink, Meta description and focus keyword. (See the screenshot below)

Step #2: Add a focus keyword

Now add a suitable focus keyword (let it be “Google Adsense”) in the “Focus Keyword” field of the Yoast SEO section (see the screenshot below)

The “content analysis” part of the Yoast SEO shows the modifications that are to be made in you blog post for the best SEO result.

Do what are the modification are to be done suggested by the Yoast SEO.

Step #3: Click on the “+” button in Yoast SEO section

Now click on the “+” button (see the screenshot below) to add one more focus keyword. Since you are using a free version one popup will come up with a message that “Multiple focus keywords is a Yoast SEO Premium feature

You will get a pop up message like this

So now what to do? How to add one more focus keyword? continue reading…

Once you have modified the content as per the suggestions and there are no red mark or few, then you have done everything for best SEO.

If you notice, you are adding a focus keyword here just to analyse your blog post SEO. Here no keyword is added to your code like Meta tag or anything. This is just an analysis. That means now you can replace the current focus keyword with your new keyword to analysis it’s density and other factors.

Step #4: Replace the new focus keyword with the old one.

Now replace the old keyword, here old keyword is “Google Adsense”, with the new one (let it be “Google AdWords”). (See the screenshot below)

Again Yoast SEO “content analysis” part will come up with new suggestions. But you can modify only some. Let me write what are the suggestions that you can modify and what are not.

What you can:

What you can’t:

Note #1: Add a maximum of three focus keywords in one blog post. The keywords should come naturally.

Note #2: You can analyse your LSI keyword’s density here.

Again: This is just an analysis tool, it doesn’t modifying your site code.

Tap on your back, now you know a very good trick in improving your on-page SEO.

If you find this trick useful tell your opinions in the comments below. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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