Tourism Video Marketing Tips with Tourism Tim and Lawrence He Polygon Visuals | Part I

Have you ever thought about tourism video marketing to promote your tours, travel lodge, travel agency or destination? Or do you already have a promotional video you use for travel marketing that just doesn’t seem to be getting many views or really building your brand?
Listen today and learn how my client, Lost Campers USA , a small campervan rental company, created a 90 second “lifestyle video” that has generated over 14,000 views, increased bookings, and radically enhanced their brand in a competitive US marketplace. (see video below)
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 Tourism Video Marketing – Part I of II
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Before we created this promotional video for this client, a “lifestyle video” for tourism video marketing was a new concept for me. I used to create travel marketing videos much like I created a travel website. These videos were really marketing oriented. Mostly telling more about the company or destination, instead of giving a viewer the experience of the trip, destination or how the travel services might be enjoyed.
Lawrence He, Polygon Visuals
My guest today is Lawrence He from Polygon Visuals . He helped me understand a “Life style” video is about telling a story.  This type of tourism video marketing shows how a customer might experience your product or a story on the kind of experience they might have.
This short video has been very successful in representing how our customers use our camper vans for regional camping trips, when they do not have any camping equipment or vehicle.
This lifestyle tourism marketing video is a great example of what you can do to create awareness for your tourism product offering, service or destination and to really solidify what your brand is all about. At the end of the day, a tourism marketing video like this, will improve your marketing, brand and bookings.
Lost Campers Lifestyle Tourism Marketing Video
This is part I of a 2-part interview on tourism video marketing and how you can create more successful tourism marketing videos too.
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