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As a business that runs a website, you should be aware of the content you have that draws users in. Metrics are useful in giving you hints as to what works and what doesn’t. These metrics should form the spine of your SEO strategy. Marketing Craft mentions that SEO will see a lot of evolution in the coming year. For now, however, a business interested in seeing how it can grow and utilize existing strategies needs to start somewhere. SEO reports, usually generated through the best SEO services, you can afford to give you the information you need. These three reports should be the ones you prioritize:

1. Website Health Audit

No, this isn’t concerned about whether your server is infected by viruses or malware. It’s a series of overviews that gives you an idea of how “well-connected” your website is. The report is made up of two summaries. The internal overview summarizes the domains you link to, their SERP and domain authority scores, and a breakdown of your own vital pages and their SERP ratings. The external overview is concerned with backlinks. It gives you an analysis over a particular period of the number of backlinks you’ve obtained. It also helps you understand the context of each of those links. The health audit is an excellent place to start utilizing SEO reports since it gives you an overview of what the internet as a whole thinks of your web page.

2. Organic Keywords and Paid Search

Organic search and paid search are the two elements that will define how many people see your content and visit your website. Auditing your paid search gives you SEO reports with insights into what ads are getting people clicking and allows you to take stock of the keywords you’re using. With professional auditing tools, you can get suggestions for keywords based on what others have been using that relate to the ones you already employ.

3. Competitor Analysis

Organic keyword research can also be done on your competitors to figure out what they’re doing to copy them. SEO Clarity mentions that competitor keyword research is still a popular method of leveraging SEO reports and tools to get an edge on your competition. You should use this report to compare your competitor’s backlink and domain authority score to yours and see where they’re doing better than you are. Drilling down into the minute metrics such as CPC per keyword and where their backlinks come from can help you appreciate where you should be searching.

Reports Set the Stage for Improvement

SEO is never stagnant. As each day passes, a website’s impact on the search results diminish. Constant, relevant content is how a business avoids being relegated to the bottom of the SERP results. Sites need to know what their competition looks like and what already works for them. These SEO reports are designed to give a business an overview of their performance and can be used to set long-term goals for the company. Seeing these reports also helps you appreciate the size of the gap between your business and its nearest competitors. It also advises you on how you can set about closing it.

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