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CPUcoin is developing the Content Generation Network  or CGN.

This decentralized Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution drastically reduces cloud infrastructure costs by creating a new sharing economy for unused CPU/GPU power.

Our technology enables anyone to install our miner client and collect funds for their unused compute time.

The CGN effectively eliminates the hassle and high expenses associated with provisioning, managing and scaling applications on a global scale.

Think of us as the “Airbnb” for CPU/GPU compute power and a platform for automatically deploying and scaling Decentralized Services and DApps.

A new certified utility token called CPU Coin will enables any-sized organizations to pay as they go.

Today’s massive adoption of cloud-based client-server applications be it web-based software, software installed on PC’s or one of the 2-3 million mobile apps available, has resulted in tremendous growth of the need for cloud infrastructure, required to reliably operate the services that power these applications.

Problems related to global compute infrastructure

Inefficiency of consumption

Reliable compute infrastructure is costly to acquire and operate. This results in difficult-to-meet needs commonly shared by businesses that sell internet-based applications and services.

Data centers have huge capital costs associated with their sophisticated operational systems. Cloud infrastructure services, themselves hosted in data centers, have the same underlying expense structure and are usually even more costly to use.

Untapped supply of capacity

Inefficiency of utilization

There exists a vast amount of untapped global CPU power in the form of computers that sit idle or are not fully in use.

These are computers worldwide that are powered on 24 hours a day, but which sit idle most of the time, not being asked to do any work.

Often these computers are spare capacity servers kept online and ready for use, but other types of resources often run underutilized.

Introducing the Content Generation Network

A cutting-edge infrastructure-as-a-service solution which taps into the growing amount of global unused compute resources and restructures them into a vast, highly scalable, reliable, edge-capable, CDN-compatible, robust network of highly available compute resources.

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