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As a hotel owner, appearing on the first page of Google’s search results is surely one of your top marketing dreams.
To achieve this you should, first of all, start working on your hotel SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which embraces SEO, SEA and SMO techniques.

This might be where you get a little lost!
Or maybe it doesn’t interest you too much since you don’t plan on becoming a SEM expert,
but just having a slightly better understanding of what it’s all about could already be a great help on the day you might find yourself needing a
specialist agency
to do the job for your hotel or apartments group.

We’ve prepared a short article as an introduction to this peculiar world of digital marketing. Are you ready to explore and learn?

Table of contents for this article:

SEM = Search Engine Marketing

Google is currently the most famous search engine, but it is not the only one.
You’ve probably also heard about Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, etc.?
And it doesn’t end there!
There are new ones every month, like the great and innovative
search engine, that allows financing social and environmental projects while people are browsing the web.

SEM is the acronym that embraces the entire subject, as well as techniques that relate to how to make your
hotel website
more visible on the internet. It covers, in particular, the visibility on search engines, but also on
social media.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Under the SEO acronym is included the different techniques that allow you to better position your hotel website on organic search engine results, naturally.

Organic results refer to those that appear naturally due to their importance and relevance, depending on the keywords used, and according to the search engine algorithms.

Therefore, SEO does not include working on sponsored results for which you have to pay (read the Search Engine Advertising part below).

The algorithm of a search engine is the way it calculates and defines the pertinence of website content, according to specific keywords.
Search engine algorithms are very complex equations which remain a secret and change all the time.
However, there are a few specific actions you can take that are known to work well, in order to optimize your natural positioning on search engine results:

Remember, SEO is not immediate!
It is a long-term process, and something you would have to do on a regular basis, bearing in mind SEO principles when publishing new content on your
website or blog.
And within just a few months, and a little patience, the results will show!

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