The Potent Role of Visual Content in an SEO Strategy

Today, SEO campaigns are a complicated affair. Gone are the days when the focus was only on bulky text articles with the right keywords.

Visual content has become a powerful tool to drive your SEO campaigns impactfully. Visual content, like video, infographics, GIFs, and memes, should be a part of your content strategy as these enable people to grasp information quickly.

The importance of visual content arises from the growing need to quickly understand the content.

People nowadays do not have enough time to read the entire content and statistics, so visual content makes it easy for them to understand the content within a short time.

The human brain is more hardwired to absorb visual content, so it is more effective and efficient in communication.

Due to the effectiveness of visual content, it has become a powerful tool in SEO strategy.

What is Visual Content?

It is a good idea first to understand what visual content is all about. It will help build a solid foundation to absorb the nitty-gritty of visual content marketing and its impact on SEO campaigns.

By now, you must have developed a general idea of visual content. It is usually image-based, visualizing the information, enabling you to understand quickly.

When it comes to the types of visual content, there are four standard kinds for you to use in your content strategy:


These are static pictures that illustrate your content apart from adding a personal touch to your website or campaign.


There are mainly two types of video content, product demos and explainer videos, which give your audience impactful demonstrations about your brand and how it works.

This visual content delivers statistics and data in an eye-catching way to quickly understand the content.


This content gives your audience a familiar look and feel to your brand and makes them feel friendly.

How does Visual Content Impact SEO?

You have understood what visual content is and its types. You should now delve into how a visual content strategy impacts your SEO campaigns.

Visual content adds significant value to your SEO campaigns. With text content, you can add keywords to make your page rank high in search engine results, but the visual content gives the content a further push.

Here are how visual content boosts SEO campaigns:

Keeps Visitors Stay Longer

When you add visual content to your marketing strategy, the page becomes more appealing to keep visitors stay longer on the page. It happens due to the page becoming more digestible and engaging with visual content, prompting visitors to explore more.

For example, according to statistics, a website visitor tends to spend 88 percent more time on a page with the video.

When visitors stay longer on your page, it will reduce bounce rates, resulting in better SEO performance.

High SERP Rank

You perhaps already know that the search giant Google frequently updates its search algorithm. Regardless of the number of times Google makes the change, quality and relevant content will remain the fundamental SEO ranking tool. Google considers visual content as a crucial content type while deciding the page rankings.

Content with images tends to appear within the top search engine results. The views on such pages are 94 percent higher than pages without images. And a page with video is 53 percent more likely to rank on the first Google search result page than a page with other content types.

It is also true that Google cannot read visual content. Its search algorithms search for images by matching other images’ shapes and subsequently link them. As such, do not fall behind in incorporating visual content into your website’s content, as it is one of the most effective SEO optimization tips.

Eases Information Consumption

People find it easy to digest information with visual content. They can learn more in less time. In this context, let us check out what science says in this regard. Most people are visual learners, and around 90 percent of the information that goes into the brain is visual. People process visual content 60,000 times faster than they do with text context.

Going by these numbers, it is prudent to add visual content to your SEO strategy to resonate with your audience’s psychology, enabling them to absorb the information quickly.

When your audience finds your pages exciting and valuable, they will tend to stay more on the page. It will also signal to Google that your page is trustworthy and provides high-quality content. So, Google will rank the page higher in search results.

Guides the Reader Through the Content

It is tedious to read a long article, regardless of how well-written. So, what you can do is, add visual content, such as infographics, and images, to enable visitors to visualize the concepts of your content. It will also prompt visitors to scroll further down the page.

When you put visual content on your page, it also enables visitors to skip some parts of the entire content and concentrate on some related infographics, videos, or images. It also helps visitors look at an image or graphic explaining a complicated matter quickly.
Brings High-Quality Backlinks

Quality back-linking is one of the most potent SEO optimization tips to rank your page high in search engine rankings. You can get high-quality backlinks from relevant websites to push your page higher in search engine results with visual content.

As visual content is much more compelling than text-based content, it can attract links. According to the available statistics, blogs with video attract 300 percent more inbound links than blogs without videos. And infographics can increase website traffic by 12 percent.

With visual content marketing, you can make your content appealing to gain more popularity. And it prompts more websites to reference your website. As a result, your website gets more high-quality backlinks that will send positive signals to search engine crawlers that your website is trustworthy, useful, and valuable.


In today’s competitive business landscape, no SEO campaign can be complete without a visual content strategy. It enables you to elicit the best search engine results. The importance of visual content lies in allowing your audience to consume your website’s information quickly. Although text-based content will always be an integral part of SEO efforts, visual content will add more value to your online marketing efforts.

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