The One Time Kang Ha Neul And Park Seo Joon Appeared On “Running Man” And All The Female Staff Were Smitten

Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon are both known for their acting chops and handsome faces. It was no surprise that they would have a great impact on girls! The two went on an episode of the hit variety show, Running Man, in 2017.

That day, the other cast teased actress Jeon So Min for dressing up specially for the day.

They poked fun at her, saying she must’ve heard about the guests that were coming on the show, hence she had worn a dress specially for the filming.

Song Ji Hyo in comparison, wore a completely casual look.

The guests were revealed to be none other than Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon!

So Min really loved it, it seems. She could barely meet their eyes.

We’re sure the actors were pleased to be surrounded by such beautiful ladies too.

So Min was all flustered by herself…

… and the other cast couldn’t help but get digs in.

The other guests tried to help So Min and urged her to sit together with her idols.

Looks like she got her wish!

The other cast members even asked her to choose between the two, to which she responded after worrying, that Kang Ha Neul would be going to the military.

The two actors’ reactions were adorable!

Ha Ha could not help but playfully call her out for her delusions, saying she was the only one being all serious about the issue.

Their effect was not only on So Min though! The female staff were also thoroughly affected. MC Yoo Jae Suk called out one of the Running Man writers for having applied lipstick when she normally goes barefaced.

The other cast members started teasing the female staff for normally going around without washing their hair or bathing, but only did so for today.

They even pointed out that their female bodyguard had on a full face of makeup!

As a mission, the boys had to make the female staff smile – to which they did some aegyo.

Looks like they succeeded! All the female staff had a mental breakdown at the aegyo attack.

Unfortunately, it only applied to Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon. She hilariously pushed off Lee Kwang Soo when he tried the same thing.

In other news, Kang Ha Neul is set to appear in movie Rain and Your Story in 2021, about a student preparing for college that exchanges letters with a fated person. On the other hand, Park Seo Joon is set to appear in movie Dream with IU, as a soccer coach that whips a team into shape.

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