Tea Time SEO Agenda July 23rd | AUTHORITAS

This week on Tea Time SEO we have a great line up planned for you. Four speakers from from the Women in Tech SEO community will join us this Thursday. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on this weeks live-stream. Join us at 4pm BST on our YouTube channel and don’t forget that you can watch previous talks at any time on our channel.

Thursday – Competitor analysis – Your Competitor Audit Template

This Thursday we are joined by four experts. Emily Brady, Sophie Gibson, Julia-Carolin Zeng and Niki Mosier will be speaking about Competitor analysis – Your Competitor Audit Template.

Niki Mosier has been doing SEO for a decade. She’s the head of SEO at Two Octobers, a fanatically analytical digital marketing agency in Denver, CO. Niki is one of those strange SEO’s that enjoys both technical and local SEO.

Julia started her SEO journey in the online gambling industry where she discovered how exciting affiliate businesses for highly competitive industries can be. Before she learned about digital marketing, she did a degree in linguistics and cultural anthropology for the Romance languages, French, Spanish and Italian. She is native German and has moved around a bit until she found her place in London. Combined with the language of SEO, she enjoys taking a website to international markets and loves to work with small businesses and start-ups that offer something that has never been there before and that requires a new approach to competitor analysis and the whole SEO strategy.

Sophie Gibson loves technical SEO. Like, passionately. Ask her anything about bookmarklets, algorithm updates, on-page optimisation, e-commerce or auditing and she’ll happily blow your mind. She also loves penguins (and even runs her own store), so if you happen to be in the business of penguins and want your site to rank higher, you know where to come.

Watch our experts here.

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