Step-Up Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Majority of the real estate market has moved online. If you’re a realtor, you need to understand the impact of social media on creating and building trust in your current and future client base.

Social media is a major lead generator for real estate businesses, and yet most real estate businesses fail to maximize the use of this channel.

In this article we will be showing you some tips into tweaking your current content strategy to optimize your social media posts. This will help you step-up your real estate social media marketing and achieve great results.

1. Optimize Your Content With Hashtags

A hashtag is a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and other microblogging services, allowing users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content.

Using the right real estate hashtags, you allow homeowners and buyers to find you. But not everyone knows that hashtags can also allow you to discover potential buyers and find opportunities for your real estate business.

#realestate #dreamhome #forsale

2. Use Quotes

Using quotes and testimonials that resonates with your audience is a great way to improve your overall content strategy. This helps you create and build trust into your intended audience as well as allow you to focus your main efforts on buying or selling homes – if done correctly.

Here are some quote ideas that you can play around with to see which has the best engagement reactions from your target audience:

  • Funny Quotes
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Agent Quotes
  • Customer Testimonials

Remember that you are not limited to just using plain text, you can turn those quotes into image materials so your post material will have a better appeal to your audience.

3. Valuable Blog Ideas

Blog posts allow you to showcase your expertise and knowledge in the real estate industry. This channel helps you attract new prospects and generate for you more qualified leads. But coming up with blog ideas is difficult, we listed some topics that can assist you to improve your blog postings:

  • Articles on market predictions and market statistics
  • Tips for homeowners and what they should know when buying or selling
  • Posts about the neighbourhood and information about the community

Imagine yourself as a new homeowner looking to move into a specific area. What would you want to know? Chances are someone else is wondering the same thing. The blog posts you create will give your readers a feel on how expert you are and somehow build confidence to your real estate brand.

4. Improve Social Media Posts and Ads

Believe it or not, homeowners and home sellers are active on social media. Real estate businesses that utilize and maximize the use of social media platforms achieve great success.

Build The Right Social Media Posts

  • Create a good first impression with your social media posts by generating content that doesn’t bore your audience and help your real estate business attract new leads. Some popular real estate Facebook post ideas include:
    • Real estate tips in buying and selling homes
    • Tap into local events happening in the community
    • Build awareness and drive engagement through online contests or giveaways
    • Testimonials and success stories

You should avoid overselling your audience. The main goal of social media is making yourself relevant in the eyes of your target audience. In the long run, if they’re ready to buy or sell a home, they will remember you. No point in pushing a sale, when your followers are not looking to buy or sell.

Another point is to provide value and awareness to your audience so that you will be the first thing on their mind when the time comes.

Create Powerful and Influential Ads

Social Media has a mass amount of users that expresses their interest and showing behavior. Social Platforms has access to an enormous amount of valuable data that you can use to better target your intended market.

Paid ads on Facebook can be very cost-effective if done right.

You can target your ads to hit audience specific areas with specific interests. You can also set your ads targeting through your audience’s spending habits, their household income, their relationship status, and much more. This empowers realtors to come up with ads specific to their target market and create a connection that could reach prospects and qualified leads.

Real estate is facing a huge transformation through social media and online marketing. The way the real estate businesses reach their clients has been changed by social media. Companies are more empowered with data that helps them to have more focused and customized interaction that drives the overall success and business growth.

Don’t be left behind with this digital change.

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