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For only the price of a local employee, you can have an international team working for you 24/7 to market, post, comment, like, follow, tweet, interact … http://www.sosmed.ninja

Essentially maintaining the conversation with your clients, using state of the art technology, with engaging content that’s relevant to your audience.

Marketing Reality Today

•Social media marketing is here to stay!
Clients want to know you, and they want social proof of your quality and service when choosing you.

•In order to have a successful online presence, you need to be intensely active on social media. This quickly becomes a full time job.

•Social media can be overwhelming to keep up with the latest trends, to know what content to post and when. And you still have to run your business!

•Don’t you wish you could hire a ninja to do it for you?

Now You Can!

How You’ll Benefit

-Save money : eliminate the cost of hiring an extra employee

-No more headaches from babysitting an employee who won’t take initiative

-Managed by native speakers : English & Bahasa Indonesia

-Increase brand awareness and sales

-Find new customers and expand your audience

-Create meaningful relationships with your customers

-Viral marketing : that precious and evasive Word-of-Mouth advertising

-Outside-the-box perspective : bringing insights to your business that you wouldn’t discover when managing things in house


This is John

John runs a business in Bali and is a very busy man.

He has several employees, and like every business owner, John must think about so many things all the time.

He often feels that he can’t keep up and barely has enough time for himself.

This leaves important details like marketing his business through social media, more of a luxury than a reality.

Hiring someone to do it for him is just as much work as doing it himself.

Not to mention the language and grammar skills of local employees are not created equal, which can create big problems and leave a very bad impression on guests.

John wishes he had a social media ninja to handle the work for him.

Now he does.


Introducing Sosmed Ninja, your local digital marketing partner.

Sosmed Ninja uses state of the art technology to ensure that all communications are scheduled to go out at the right time with the right message.

They will slice through all that social media burden!


They will build and maintain a relationship with your customers and create a friendly and intelligent conversation that everyone can see and know that a real person is there to serve them.

This is how to get social proof, and these days your business can’t live without it.

They offer several packages that are tailored to fit your marketing budget, and can grow with your business.

And the best part, is the price.

Even though you are hiring an international marketing team, the price is about the same as hiring a local employee.

They also provide a wide array of content creation services as the need arises.

They’ll maintain regular communication with you in order to create and deliver the right information at the just right moment, but do it in a way that barely takes your precious and valuable time.

You’ll hardly know they’re there.


Contact us Sosmed Ninja today to learn more, you’ll be glad you did.

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Sosmed Ninja - Social Media Management

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