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Are you wasting your time and money on social media efforts that are not giving you the results you want out of social media?

We help companies like you tie in efforts to either grow social media engagement, bring more traffic to your website (or landing page) and get more potential customers.

The following is a list of social media strategy services that we offer to small and medium business enterprises.

It also gives you an understanding of what a successful social media marketing strategy entails should you want to do it yourself, or let us manage it for you.

All these social media marketing services are managed, meaning that it is manually created by a skilled and hard-working social media community manager. With managed services, you get quality results.


Social Media Management Services (Full Service)

You manage your business; we manage all your social media profiles.

You run your business, and you leave the management of your social media marketing in our capable, learned and experienced hands. It is perfect for you if you do not have the time to figure out what social post resonates well with your fans, what social media changes are happening, what strategies are working and which ones are not.


The following are part of our full-service social media management services. However, there are instances when you just need one of these to augment what you now do.

1. Social Media Scheduling

There are times when you already have content, and you also have a calendar/schedule, and all you need is someone to organize this to your favorite social media platform and in blocks of time that you think is best for your audience.  We can also recommend best times for your business and target audience if you do not know that.

2. Social Media Engagement

This type of service is perfect for you if engagement is one of your business’ social success metrics.

Posting is not engaging either. That said, we respond to posts, and we initiate conversations with your highly targeted audience and influencers. Or, in other instances, we will look for groups where you can participate in and grow your influence.

3. Social Media Follower Growth

This is a manual and managed follower growth service, not automated. We review each account that we add to your profile to make sure that they are highly targeted.

Growing TARGETED fans matter to increase brand awareness and engagement. Besides in some instances having targeted followers yields cheaper click-through rate for your social media ads.

4. Social Media Account Setup

Social media profiles show up in search results. You would want yours found, right? This social media strategy service is for your business if you need help getting their account optimized for their audience.

5. Social Media Monitoring

If you are using social media for customer service and if your clients are highly active in sending you inquiries online, we offer this service – Monday through Friday (business hours).

6. Monthly social media report and recommendations

We will provide you a report monthly that will show the key performance indicators (KPIs) you measure to get to your goals. It will include an analysis of the report and some recommendations as well.


These are digital products that augment what you are doing. A link to a set of deliverables will be sent to you on time or as soon as it is ready.

1.  Done for You Premium Social Media Graphics 

We create high-quality, engaging and relevant images that you could use in social media to help drive engagement and traffic to your site.

Our social media graphics services come in packages that you can afford.

Note: When it’s ready, you can check out images here in lifeinaperture.com for a little under a dollar as suggested donation price. Money goes toward community development and literacy programs.

2. Text Content Creation for Social Media 

We research and write contents that are contextual for each social platform.  These are all hand-crafted. It includes link and hashtags, if necessary.

3. Comprehensive Social Media Presence Evaluation and SWOT Analysis Report

This is a detailed evaluation of your current social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It includes a SWOT analysis of what you are doing; and, also, an analysis of how your competitors are doing their social media campaigns. It also includes actionable recommendations.

A deliverable for this is 10+ pages of report depending on the number of platforms you want us to analyze for you.

A stark difference of this is that this will not include a SWOT analysis of your social media profiles that will be evaluated and the report is shorter than the comprehensive social media audit.


Don’t waste your time plodding through many webinars and books.

Take advantage of Ruby’s ten years of experience and education in social media marketing for companies by signing up for any of these training by phone or in-person – at her office or yours.

1. Social Media Coaching (“Pick My Brain”)

This is where “Can I Pick Your Brain” and “Quick Question” categories fall.  Or, at times you just needed somebody to look over your shoulder to direct you in what you are doing.

Then, social media coaching is the right type of social media service for you.

2. One-on-One Social Media Training

This is a service that we provide to companies that needed to learn to run social media well for their business. We customize training according to your needs. This is not a cookie cutter class.

3. Corporate Group Training
This is the same as one-on-one social media training only that it is for your team or group to a focused audience, example chamber members and topic you have pre-selected as appropriate.

Social media training can be done online or anywhere.


Facebook Ad Services
The service includes setup of your Facebook, monitoring and more. Additional details here about our Facebook Ad Services.

Do you need any of these social media strategy services? Call us at ask[at]socialsuccessmarketing[dot]com if you are ready to get your social strategy to the next level.

If you are still undecided, take a look at this social media efforts decision tree.😉

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