Elements of a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing has become an instrumental method of marketing in today’s digital age. Nearly 77% of US Americans used social media in 2018, and social media platforms have become a popular way for people to engage with companies online and decide which businesses they want to deal with.

The key to Social Media Marketing is to have a detailed and inclusive marketing strategy. What elements should be in your strategy? Here we will outline several important elements to include.

Elements To Include

Choose the right platforms for your target audience.

There are numerous social media platforms available to use today, but not all of them reach the same audience. Facebook is still the most widely used platform, with 68% of Americans using it regularly. Instagram is a favorite of teens and young adults, while LinkedIn has steadfastly remained a platform for professionals.

Be sure to do some research into which audience you identify as your target and choose the appropriate platforms that will best reach them. You may even find that multiple platforms are fitting for your audiences.

Utilize the power of Social Media Advertising.

Advertising on social media can be a consistent way to reach your audience amidst constantly changing algorithms. It is important to tailor the messages for each platform and understand the different methods of advertising.

Adopt a mobile first approach.

Social media is focused mostly towards use on mobile devices over desktop or laptop formats. Pew Research Center data shows that 95% of Americans own a smartphone, and one in five Americans own a smartphone but do not have traditional home broadband service.

With the majority of Americans relying on smartphones for internet access, keeping a mobile first strategy in mind while creating social media content can enhance your presence online and makes your business seem modern and relevant.

Create a social media calendar.

Using social media for business is different than personal use. Creating a calendar that outlines what you should post and when is one of the best ways to have a successful strategy. It makes your posts seem more thought out than if you were to post on a whim.

Having a calendar can help you visualize how your content will appear, and can help you plan certain posts around specific times, like holidays or special events your business plans to host.


Develop a social media budget.

Social media advertising can require some funding, so create a budget that you would like to stick to when it comes to getting your ads online. You can also boost individual posts on social media, which also must be paid for, but can increase the reach of your posts and puts it in front of more eyes.

Just like with anything else, having a budget can help you understand where your dollars will best be spent.

Use high quality images and graphics.

Including high quality images and graphics on your social media platforms makes your posts eye-catching and shareable. Visuals are extremely important, so make sure yours reflect your business and the quality of your work.

Engage with followers online.

Responding to comments, reviews, and likes can increase the trustworthiness of your business. It shows that your company is committed to your customers’ experience and sees them as individual people rather than just consumers.

Creating a successful Social Media Marketing strategy might seem like a lot of work, and that’s because it is. If you can’t allocate a sufficient amount of time or resources to your strategy, you might benefit from outsourcing.

Whether you decide to take on your own Social Media Marketing or outsource to a company, you should develop a thoughtful strategy that will best help your business. It’s one of the best ways to draw people to your business and can help you grow.

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