Social Media Marketing: The Platforms That Perform

One of the most common questions from companies using social media marketing is “Where do I begin?” Social media is a massive world of links, pictures, memes and… well you get the idea. New creations are being churned out every day. There are so many platforms to choose from within the social media spectrum, and before marketers can create their material, they have to figure out where to present it. Some companies go overboard with the platforms they utilize; some don’t market on enough; while some just market on the wrong ones. There is a fine balance to marketing on different social media platforms, from what to show your followers, to how much, how often and to what target markets. At the end of the day, it all depends on what your company is selling. Different audiences inhabit different platforms.

Before you get into the what’s and how’s of marketing through social media, it’s important to figure out the where’s. Different platforms are more beneficial for videos, long form content, info-graphics, etc. Maybe a certain platform will inspire you to try a new method of marketing or campaign. While always remaining conscious of what you are publishing and where. Social media users, like all consumers today, don’t want you infiltrating their social networks too much. Truth be told, they get very annoyed when they have to constantly hit “skip ad”, and they may very well delete you if you’re clogging up their Facebook news feed.

Here are some specific ways to handle your marketing on social media.  Ask yourself, which kind of marketing fits into your budget and overall brand image? Are videos really necessary (hint: yes they are), is your main objective to reach a bigger, or more targeted, audience? Social media can get very confusing and many companies have gotten lost out there. Take it one platform at a time, and always stick to your companies identity, brand message and tactical strategy, or you’ll crash and burn before you’ve even left the social media station.

Here are the top two platforms that marketers use the most, and are believed to be the most effective by the industry experts.


No surprise here. Fifty-four percent of marketers chose Facebook as their most important platform. Since 2013, Facebook has increased in importance by 14%. What to note here is that Facebook dominates the B2C realm, while LinkedIn is the leader in B2B marketing. This makes sense, as B2B marketing focuses more on content, and Facebook isn’t exactly content-friendly, think more quick-update friendly. To be clear content is starting to gain traction on Facebook, but the long-standing social media network can do more with quick product updates, images and company notifications, than a well-written, educational piece on the origins of sneakers. Regardless of your target audience, Facebook continues to dominate social media marketing, and it doesn’t look like it will be falling out of favor any time soon.


Also no surprise is that LinkedIn is the runner up in popularity for professional marketers. Seventeen percent of marketers claim LinkedIn as their most important platform. While Facebook attracts the much sought-after younger market, LinkedIn is the network for professional exchanges, networking and industry information. If Facebook is the wild teenager, LinkedIn is the wise father. LinkedIn has gained popularity among B2B marketers because it not only provides a platform for publishing content but it also provides an audience hungry for digesting it. Industry professionals are constantly sharing content focused around the latest buzz-worthy topics, as long as it’s not solely focused on selling your product. Producing and sharing this type of content regularly establishes your business as a thought leader while greasing the wheels to help connect with other professionals and business who need your services.

These two websites are deemed the most important by professionals utilizing social media, few are without them. However, there are plenty of additional platforms that can give your marketing that extra oomph. When we come back next week, we’ll walk you through the third most-used platform in social media marketing, and skip down the list of some of the other platforms, some of which prove to be far more intricate in their campaigns and delivery… but does intricacy equal effectiveness? Is frequency most important? Maybe it’s both, at varying levels, and different times? Oh the fluctuations of social media marketing. Is there one, magical equation that just works …? We’ll have more answers and more platforms to discuss next week.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in starting your social media campaign with the right tools, the right platforms and the right people click below for a free 30-minute assessment with Mad Icarus Media. We’ll analyze your current campaign and show you business potential that you may have never thought possible.

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