Social Media Marketing in 2020 | Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social Media Marketing in 2020: Does it Still Work

Marketing teams have been using social media platforms to promote their businesses for years. Different industries are seeing different results with social media marketing, but it is getting harder and harder for companies to see large organic growth within their social media platforms. And though over 75% of marketers are using at least one social media platform for their business, less than half say that they are seeing direct results from this strategy.

So, what do we do to see better ROI from social media? 

You’ve probably heard about changes each social media platform has been making to better the user experience including removing fake accounts, showing more content from friends instead of brands, and algorithm changes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — but how do companies combat this and see a better return on their organic investment?

People use social media to be entertained, educated and engaged, but details vary from audience to audience. Knowing your audience on each platform is extremely important when deciding which social media platform makes sense for your social media marketing efforts.

Focus on Engagement on Social Media

As social media marketing becomes more competitive every day, you must be engaging with your audience and starting a conversation. The key to building a following is networking with your audience through meaningful conversations, not just posting updates. Try engaging in new ways: use Instagram Stories instead of Instagram posts, or try asking questions with polls — you may find your audience resonates better with a new form of engagement. 

Create a Cohesive Look

Careful curation of your Instagram feed is where 2020 is heading. No longer can businesses just post randomly without intent. To make your Instagram feed look more cohesive, focus on these three variables: lighting, colors and mood. If your feed posts elegant, enticing or playful photos, make sure each photo aligns with that mood. Sticking to the same colors and lighting also helps maintain consistency.

Build an Online Community

People use social media to feel connected. According to The 2018 Sprout Social Index, consumers want discounts and new product announcements, but 59% still want posts that “teach them something,” 56% want posts that entertain, and 49% want posts that inspire. It’s also important to engage with readers and not just push out messages. Spend time each day reaching out to aspirational accounts, respond to comments and direct messages and don’t forget to like other people’s photos. 

Facilitate Meaningful Conversations Online

Another way to build a strong community is to facilitate meaningful conversations with a group. Inspirational quotes, commenting, and having one-on-one conversations with your followers is step one, and facilitating group conversations is step two. This helps strengthen your follower loyalty and create a community around your brand and the values you believe in. You can do this by going live on Instagram and asking questions that encourage discussions in the comments section of your posts. Get creative!

Poll Your Social Audience

Are you unsure about exactly what type of content and conversations your audience resonates with the most? Evaluate what your audience likes and dislikes with Instagram polls. This is an easy, quick and free way to conduct market research for your brand’s social media success.

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